Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Short, Simple and Straight

I just want to clear up a lot of what is being said on various sites about what happened recently regarding the Mega Centurion incident.
  • In Short the information given regarding the Centurion from a Hasbro official was posted up, due to a miscommunication within Hasbro's PR arms. I was requested to take the link down immediately - which I did. I complied with the rules of my NDA and certain instruction turned out otherwise, but when approached I immediately took it down.
  • The Simple of it is an internal miscommunication within Hasbro, which has resulted in an accidental unoffical preview of the Centurion.
  • To set it Straight, I maintain a positive relationship with Hasbro UK, remain a credible blog, and source for Nerf news. A senior of Hasbro's UK PR contacted me instantly on the phone where we identified and discussed the source of said mix-up which does not lie with me. More importantly how we go forward to avoid future mix-ups. I want to make it clear that I do not having any ill feelings towards Hasbro/Nerf.

I'm a passionate fan, and I will continue to share news, reviews and events happening around the world within our good Nerf Internet Community.

I would also like to take the chance to say a big "Thank You!" to everyone supporting me, not only for your kind words, messages but coming to my defence in light of recent events.

Thank you for your time folks, game on


  1. Never doubted you.

  2. Happened to me in the Dart Tag insident, however, the idea of an Elite dart tag with streamline velcro tipped darts was too good of an idea not to talk about and i had a source i thought was credible. I would still take the Centurion over that any day : )

  3. Good to hear man, glad for the early preview. It's not worth getting into trouble over though, I knew you wouldn't have released info if you didn't think it was okayed by hasbro.

  4. And let me say thank you for being an awesome, credible source with good connections, and not bunking it up. I hope to desperately f5 your page over and over again this coming nerf season! :)

  5. You know you have my support :)

  6. Glad to hear Hasbro have been positive about the mistake, and haven't taken any issue with you posting :)

  7. "Centurion Incident"... I want this to be added to the NERF Wiki...:)

    It's good to see it's all back to good, even though it would have been better for all sides if all of this hadn't happened. But these things do happen unfortunately, it's a matter how you deal with it. And all people involved dealt well with it:)

    1. Chris, the new information was posted as soon as nerf wiki was notified. It was later taken down When Hasbro notified the community of the "accidental release"

      Really nice to hear that everything was taken care of as smoothly as possible, hope you feel better soon Ash:)

  8. Mld I have a question, nerf gave us the barrel break, witch is a sawd off shotgun. Just recently the gave us the ruffcut. Will nerf be giving us a full size double barrel shotgun, like buzz bee did with their double shot, even though the barrel should have been longer on it. The over and under is ok, but I preferr the side by side. I was just wondering if u know or could pass it along to hasbro. One that launches multible darts each time u fired 1 barrel or both at the same time. Thanks