Monday, 18 March 2013

Review & Unboxing: Nerf N-Strike Elite BARREL BREAK IX-2 [German]

Still working thru a backlog of email, but Props to Danzi Hauser for the emailing me this on the 12th March for this find! Here we see the unboxing and review by ScrymaelPulSe on the Nerf Elite Barrel Break IX-2 (the review is in German, but you can pick up plenty of what he shows):
The colour scheme is awesome, I have to say that. It almost seems very chunky - bigger than the original N-Strike version. I have request ScrymaelPulSe breaks it open and compares the internals, but I have a feeling this may not be anything special. I would very much like to be mistaken :)
What do you folks think?


  1. If they only re-colored it, that would stink. The original barrel break almost always jammed with cs darts.

  2. Here's the gist: it doesn't say elite or 75 ft. anywhere, but he says there are some changes: it has been rebarreled for cs-darts, they improved the two-stage-trigger, he says it does hurt a little more (mimimimi), but the dart holder is missing and it looks like more of a repaint overall. Also, he managed to jam it the very first try. :D

  3. Its NOT ELITE series. Its just N-Strike series repainted and maybe new mold.