Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nike LeBron 9 "What the Nerf" Custom X Twizz Customs Trainers

If anyone remembers I covered the Kevin  Durant Nike KD 5 "Energy" Nerf trainers back in December 2012.

Nike were kind enough to get in touch and let me know about the Nike LeBron customs range continues - with a new of custom trainers crafted by Twizz Customs.

The design merges two very well known themes of well known “Nerf” theme, as well as Nike‘s "What the …" theme. Without further ado, find below the awesome pics of the new Nike LeBron 9 "What the Nerf":

Nike know me pretty well I must say, because they came to me with a quote! I pursued them for some time *CoughHassledCough* for a Kevin Durant comment on the KD 5 "Energy" trainers.
LeBron  James "I love the feel and control you get on the court. As a player on or off the zone you need to trust and have confidence in your kit. These give you power to be light, fast and respond to play as it happens. That's what it's all about. These are on point all the way"
Ok so let's get a run down on what we can expect from these new trainers! Part of what makes a successful pair of trainers tick, is the design as well as functionality. The midsole features a gradient design that fades in from red to orange, all the while rocking a blue and orange speckled accent effect. The carbon fiber plates were hit up with a spray effect in blue/red/green.

Similar to the KD 5s, the LeBron 9 WTNs outer right sneaker features an anodised gradient effect that fades from blue into purple, all the while a grey/black spray effect is applied right down the middle. This really does set it off in a very unique fashion, and just makes you want to rock them in a game. The medial side of the same foot features a metallic red colour blocking.

What makes the LeBron 9 WTN fun is that the left trainer features an inverted design of the right foot, with the metallic red on the outside, a grey spray effect down the middle, and blue to purple gradient accent effect on the inside.

Finally, we see the tongues set in a blue and yellow splatter effect, sporting LeBron James signature is done up in yellow blocking with orange signiture stencil work.

You can keep track of the brilliant work that Twizz Customs produce on both their Instagram account and their website!

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