Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nerf's new blaster vids and Asia Elite Alpha Trooper release info - soon?

My physio is taking me a while to work thru all my emails, so bear with me folks!

First I want to thank everyone for the well wishes, and also to all the new contacts i've made for making the effort to keep me in the loop to help keep my readers updated.

Namely, my good friends over at HasbroHK updated me on some new blaster videos, which I have to say have been very nicely done :)

Check them out!

I asked the important question - "When Asia fans can expect the Elite Alpha Trooper?"
HasbroHK "Fans can expect an announcement soon with a list of retailers who will be stocking the Elite Alpha Trooper - but keep an eye out on popular fan site who might get a scoop!"

Stay tuned peeps! Keep your eyes peeled next time you are out shopping and let me know where you see one in stock :)

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  1. I cringed when I saw how the guy loaded the clip in the Stryfe video. :)