Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nerfcast Episode 9: Loadout

The awesomesauce dynamic duo Shawn and Josh hit us up with their latest Webisode Nerfcast and it's all about Loadouts. Enjoy!
What Loadouts do you prefer to rock to a Nerf battle or HvZ? I'm thinking a Stryfcut Masterkey and a Raider? The Elite Alpha Trooper would definitely get a look in man! Damn i'm pumped for that!


  1. My loadout for the coming Camarillo CA is probably going to be very similar to my current Nerf War loadout. An Elite Masterkey on a sling, with my Condor 7 Pocket Chest Rig and MOLLE Dump Pouch hanging on my waist. I'll start out with a Jungle mag in my Masterkey, along with my 6 18 Dart Mags in my Chest Rig and a Strongarm in my center Chest Rig pocket.

    And about 8 or 9 rolled up socks on my left Chest Pocket, probably some loose darts on my right. I try to keep everything central around a location, and try to make it as easy to access as possible. Although if that "Rapidstrike" comes out, I might have to change my loadout a bit hehe.

  2. Primary: Elite Rampage with Retaliator stock 25 dart drum and pin point sight
    Secondary: Elite Alpha Trooper on bandolier strap with 3 18 dart clips and dart holders full
    Sidearm: Elite Strongarm in my custom made holster on my right thigh
    Backup: Elite Barrel Break on another bandolier strap with 3 18 dart clips and dart holders full
    Melee: Custom made foam pocket knife