Sunday, 3 March 2013

NDA Exclusive - 1 of the new Top Secret blasters - Nerf Elite Mega Centurion

This new blaster hits ranges over 100 ft
Here we go folks! The new Nerf Elite Mega Centurion is a new Sub-Range of Nerf - Mega. The Mega Centurion comes with a new tech-smart bipod + new never seen before internals.

But first - WHY?

Of all feedback Hasbro got, there was a problem. The blasters being created far out-performed Elite and did not fit any existing range.

Thus is born Nerf Mega "X". It's come about due to many of the YT videos showing Nerf snipers, Stock gamers upset lack of game play variety, and Mods thrown out to fix the "ugly duckling LS" . The Electronic Plunger prototype exceeded 100ft (I think around 150?)
"Sucks it packs red Whistlers."
Actually no. It's rounds are roughly 1inch depth by 4 inch in length. They come in new MCS-6 round Magazines. Again this will not be packing Whistlers, they are Mega Rounds, or MCS-6 clips. Complete new build, they are about 1 inch depth, 4 inches long. They have an immense velocity. 100 feet STRAIGHT not arc'd. Repeat NOT arc'd.

Why new Darts? wth...

Because this blaster hits 100ft stock, the Elite darts (let alone any other) cannot maintain accuracey, speed and range. These new Mega Darts (or Mongos) maintain high velocity, range, accuracey and are within realms of safety. I'm assuming an Elite dart  travelling this fast in this would make it unsafe, and prone to bruise. How well do your Elite darts work in slight or windy / rainy situations? MCS work 100% well.

The regular N-Strike and Elite CS clips we know as of today, will not be compatible. The magwell is far too large and the whole mechanism is designed to take large MCS rounds only.

The MCS-6 rounds will be on sale separately, but it is not clear if they will sell the Mag clips themselves. What accessories available I cannot say at this time.

There was a slight mix up on the info I was told to release, but to clarify - it is a complete new PT (nearly 2 feet long) with a very stable bolt primer (which matches nearly 2 feet).

The barrel is currently *not* removable. It is part of the blaster completely. Whether this changes  is another thing, but as of London Toy Fair, it was most definitely one piece.

Stock? It  does not come with a stock, it has a butt-stock similar to the Rayven.

The Magazine shape is not distorted, it is deliberately shaped in this fashion for when users hit the desk and go Prone using the Bipod. The tech-smart bipod is fully collapsible for heavy weapon deployment and automatically clips up when you are on the move. It's really awesome and not annoying one bit. To confirm the Clip does not interfere with the Bipod when it is deployed.

It comes with a series of Iron sights built into the blaster - there are 3 Iron sights in all.

To confirm, this is a Xmas 2013 release for the UK - the US I believe is earmarked for the same +/- on December.

The colour scheme is inspired by many fans aesthetically changing the colours, but there was a need to distinguish the complete new sub-range generation blasters. Inspired by Stock fans and enthusiastic YouTube heroes.

The size of this blaster is in length 1metre long. Yes, 1metre long. Yep - that's 100cm. It took a sharp dev turn since feedback has been intense (thank you all fans!) and replaces "failed" LongStrike and LongShot blasters.

It will retail for around £49.99 - in a bid to make Nerf more accessible to all pockets.

The Centurion uses a complete new never before seen internal mechanic system. The Super Plunger Tube has had an overhaul and this will not only keep Stock fans happy, but have modders switch up their A-Game with a Stock 100ft range.

It comes with 2 tactical rails, one at the butt-side of the blaster, and one under the muzzle. I can't comment on the accessories on play, but i'm sure this will be unveiled shortly from my NDA.

The prototype blasters rock a variety of mechanics, this is for the team to have hands on examples of what works and what doesnt. An example - like the Revonix360 - I played with was semi-auto, detachable drum, and fired 2 discs. The blaster shown at the New York Toy Fair 2013 was not semi-auto, and did not fire 2 discs, and did not have a detachable drum.



  2. Awesome, this is really cool, are you allowed to tell us how big the darts and gun actually is, if not don't bother. But really cool and excited.

    1. yeah i agree when you say mega darts you aren't talking about a larger style version of the elite darts? and 100 ft how the f#%# did they get a auto blaster to get that kind of ranges? also by the looks of the image is that clip a straight clip? or a small angled clip with side by side dart capability?

  3. Mega Darts? I wont buy it if it doesn't work with streamlines...

    1. dude why if it shoots 100ft why do yu care really im gonnqa buy one of these for me and one for my buddy who also loves nerf

    2. It would suck with streamlines. STREAMLINES SUCK RANGE WISE.

  4. Actually, I have a technical-ish question:
    When you had the opportunity to test this blaster out, how did it fire when set to automatic? Does it shoot immediately, or does it have to 'wind up' before shooting? I remember with the Stampede it had to prime itself before shooting when the trigger was pulled. Does it work like the Vulcan, where you can manually prime it so the first dart is always ready?

  5. I shat my pants. I need this thing.

    I like the idea of semi-auto and full-auto operation, but I don't have any problem with manual operation either. Looking at this thing, the front end looks a lot like a Longstrike barrel, but everything behind the bi-pod looks like a Longshot (at least, that's what it looks like from the picture). Good aesthetic choice in my opinion. I also love how ridiculously long it is. The guy is holding it with both hands and yet he doesn't even reach halfway along the thing.

    I'm gonna order this thing online as soon as it goes up. If it goes up for pre-order, then I'll pre-order.

  6. I want like 10 of these. I'd love a 100-round magazine but can it be done without being completely unreliable? Also, is the new Elite Mega dart going to be compatible with regular Elite darts? I would also want to switch between semi and full-auto as well.

    Hard to say about mod potential though without knowing about the internals in more details. If I had one right now, I'd up the voltage at least by adding as many trustfires as will fit, go inside the blaster and cut anything that isn't raw wire between the batteries, trigger, and motors, and then shoot a lot of darts out of it and see what happens. My hope is that it would take 18v without melting and with increased range and/or increased rate of fire.

    I'd also add more rails to the front so that I can add a flashlight to the front left side of the barrel so that the front of the flashlight is level with the front of the barrel. That way the barrel won't obscure part of the light and I can turn it on/off or change light colors or modes (IR flashlight + NVG's = win) with my left hand without having to move it too far.

    The point at which the sling clips is also more important than many people realize and what I would like is something similar to most aftermarket M4 sling mounts where the sling attaches on the rear of the grip and just above the trigger (the sling mount also needs to be extremely strong but haven't had one break yet). The way I have this set up is I use a custom chest rig similar to the Tactical Tailor MAV 2 (I built this myself) and on the straps, there's a D-ring by my left shoulder. I clip a single point sling to that because I'm right-handed; you always clip your primary weapon to your opposite shoulder so that if it jams or something, you can just drop it and it will swing away from your right side and thus not interfere with drawing a sidearm (I use a retaliator for my sidearm). If you clip it the way most idiots do, it will instead swing into your arm and impede drawing your sidearm. Now that I have my sidearm out, I want the blaster to sit evenly against my torso, and since the sling has to be long enough to reach across my body when I'm using it, I need the blaster to be hanging so that the lowest point is (ideally) at my waist but no lower than mid-way down my thigh, otherwise it can be difficult to move.

    A sling attachment on the bottom of the grip is also not so great since that will cause the blaster to hang at an angle, which is also uncomfortable. Putting a sling attachment point right where the grip ends and the stock begins would be perfect. Not having a sling attachment point is annoying because then I have to rig a sling around the body of the blaster and they tend not to stay in one place if you do that. This may seem like a lot of words about something minor like a sling, but having this exact setup has kept me from having my brain eaten by zombies on multiple occasions (it's also what they taught us in the Army).

    If you send me one, I can test it out. There's several events coming up, including the Zombie! 24-hour game this summer (you should do a post on that, it's amazing), so I'd be happy to field test it and beat the crap out of it and then send Hasbro whatever's left.

  7. I just jizzed in my pants, this is the Barret of nerf, In ways that no other blaster has been.
    and the modding potential, yeah I can see it getting insane ranges.

  8. Bro, this is epic! I'm in more of the Nerf scene here in NZ it ain't funny. Not even, Hasbro NZ got the goodies yet. Would love a bunch of these to try out!


  9. I think after initial WOW factor will calm down this blaster will not be very popular!

    1)Different ammo and clip system is definitely a minus

    2)1.5 m in length means this blaster can only be used in open space and only in a sniper role. But is it fun to play Nerf if you miss all the action lying somewhere in the bushes

    3)Clip only holds 6 darts. This is way too small in my opinion, and also I do not see a possibility to put a bigger clip there because this will not allow to use a bipod.

    4)Why no scope in the retail box, this blaster would definitely benefit from it if has good accuracy! So also interesting how good is the accuracy?

    5)And also price, for this amount of money current Elite blasters seem to offer much more and are more flexible!

    6)Red color, well maybe it looks nice. But all my current blasters are blue. Boys are not like girls :) we are conservative and like to stick to one style!

    1. Speak for yourself!

      1) I agree that the ammo and clip is a minus, mostly due to the fact that you won't be able to use standard clips and darts. Extra darts and clips = extra cost.

      2) I do Live Action Role Play (LARP) which uses Nerf blasters (it's based in the future) and I know for a fact that an effective sniper rifle type blaster is sorely missing from the current Nerf range.

      3) I don't see the clip being small as an issue, it's a sniper weapon, you should be using it as such, which means slow careful targeting and not shooting often.

      4) A scope would be a HUGE advantage on this, especially if it actually worked as a way to zoom in, although there are plenty of scopes available so long as they fit the rails.

      5) I think the price is fair considering the range out of the box

      6) Why is that an issue? Don't like the colour? Repaint it!

    2. Just wondering, but if you want a telescopic scope, why not get a telescope and use a permanent marker to draw on crosshairs?

  10. [Part 1 of 2: Massive wall of text incoming, TLDR warning!]

    [Alex] My brains are now splattered all over the walls and ceiling of my computer room. Thank you, MLD, for instilling the sheer awesomeness into my heart (and incidentally, my now popped-balloon-like skull) that is the Mega Centurion...

    But also thanks for the bunch of confusion and causing me to re-write my response about seven times over the last hour and a half, because you've needed to edit your original post multiple times <_<" (But it's fine I understand why, and I feel bad for you since you're the one having to make corrections and answer a fountain of questions pouring in :P besides, I have now gained more clarity and info from doing so, and this is fun to write and get excited about!)

    First of all: Longshot / Longstrike / Crimson series red-hot-chilli baby! No wonder they weren't going to do an "Elite Longshot" when they've had THIS up their sleeves D: Red base. White stripe. Red Mega darts. Love it. Sold a hundred times over. End of that train of thought! :D

    Wow... this thing is huge. Like Chewbacca huge! You say 1.5m? That's almost as tall as me! At around 50cm longer than a Longstrike... if this is for kids 8 years and older... how on EARTH is an 8 y/o going to lift this thing without another 8 y/o on the other end?

    The box this thing is going to come in is going to be M-M-M-MASSIVE! D: I really hope the barrel detaches... not only for boxing, but for general portability and practicality. It's not going to be easy to 'run' around with this baby...

    Speaking of which, I've never been a fan of bipods or tripods with Nerf; I'd rather be able to move or make a run for it for maximum mobility... this thing is going to NEED a bipod and you'll NEED to sit down and pick your shots with this baby o_o the fact that it folds up automatically sounds VERY appealing though :F

    The only thing that I'd like to see properly (CURSE YOU AWKWARD BOX-ART DISTORTED PERSPECTIVE!! *eyes fly out and bounce off the monitor*) is the trigger grip... either the model's hand is obscuring it along with the box descriptive text, or it's a fairly small grip, which would be very odd for such a big blaster.

    This is going towards being *like* a proper-job Nerf Sniper Blaster. Especially if it is quoting up to 100ft ranges *FLAT AND NOT ON A RAISED ANGLE / ARC*... that's very important. And about time too. And imagine the ranges we can get when it DOES get fired up on an angle!! :P

    These Mega darts are going to be something pretty serious... its like a fat 50cal dart by the sounds of it. I was hopeful it would be another improved Elite dart design, but lo and behold it is not. Although I was initially dissapointed because the Mega darts will not be compatible with any other N-Strike or Elite blaster...

    At the same time I'm MEGA STOKED (...heh, pun) that this dart design is purely aimed for maximum range and performance *and* for this sniper-rifle-esque blaster, it would be awesome to tag someone from a distance with such a big fat foam dart with such a satisfying WHUMP!! xD So although at the moment it's proprietary for the Centurion / N-Strike Mega sub-series, for those kinds of ranges *and* if the accuracy holds up... it will be MORE than darn worth it! >:D

    But you know what is missing in all this...? A SCOPE! WHERE BE THINE AESTHETICALLY PLEASING SCOPE?! D: Nerf seem to have declined in "extra" accessories recently... I know some complain that most accessories may be useless or just decoration, but oh it is so GLORIOUS to have a Sniper Blaster and be able to gaze through the scope down the marked sights... *sigh*... it's all in the act, the experience and the atmosphere it creates, in my opinion at least... but I feel better in knowing that there are still more accessories to come and I am already more than excited, so much that now my legs have fallen off...

  11. [Part 2 of 2 - half way there! :D]

    Speaking of extra accessories... the biggest burn is not going to be buying extra Mega dart ammo... but getting extra clips =_= it will almost be a case of buying 6x Centurions just to get enough clips to carry enough ready-loaded ammo around... I really hope Nerf sell the Mega Dart 6-Clip (and larger ones?) separately. It's a great step that they now sell the 18-dart N-Strike drum and the 18-dart Elite / Firefly clips... but what about the highly sought after 12-dart Elite clip and the 25-dart Elite drum? Again, have to buy more Retaliators / Rampages instead of getting those specific clips and drums separately T-T

    New internals... Super Plunger Tube? Wow, this puts me in a pickle of a situation. See, I've always loved my Longshot for it's plunger tube, but hated how it looked. So I stripped it down to the bare bones, and built it back up with the skin of a Longstrike. It looks like a Nerf Dragunov. Love it, favourite Sniper Blaster, one of my earliest modding projects and has won me many Nerf battles. I was thinking of even making a second one and doing a cleaner job on it...

    But now, with the Centurion? Super internals? More modding potential... now I want to cry myself to sleep until this comes out, and for the love of all that is Nerf-holy I hope it is soon T___T and even then, I'm curious about modding the outside of it cosmetically to look similar to my Nerf-Dragunov (aptly named "Longunov")...

    Not because I think the Centurion looks bad (Far from it! It looks 'promisingly' epic!... although it would look more epic with a Red Longshot scope or equivalent...) but it just doesn't look right with that ridiculous box-art-warped perspective... I really need to see 'the real deal' before I can truly comment on how it actually looks in accurate proportions!

    I am kind of pleased that, despite the confusion and changes to the original post earlier, about what kind of firing system it utilises (Full Auto? Flywheel? Electronic Plunger Tube? 3-dart Burst Fire? etc) I am glad it *now* seems like specifically the Centurion is simply a *Super* plunger tube with bolt-action priming like a LongShot/Strike on steroids. That being said... I wonder what other surprises are remaining to be unveiled? ;)

    ...but unfortunately this is where I must end my awesome-verbal-diarrhea rant on a sour note. Yes, it is epic that it fires up to 100ft *STRAIGHT* (30 meters) ... but I can bet almost anything that being an "Nerf unfortunate" Australian resident, we're going to be seeing this Centurion down-ranged to a "Nerfed" 30ft range version with a horrendously ugly grey trigger...

    It really frustrates me that if 75 -> 100 ft+ ranges are accepted in many places elsewhere in the world and is considered safe for their 8+ y/o children to play with, then why are Australian kids (and other countries that are affected by the same strict Toy Laws) restricted from this? We're not made of thin rice paper... although I bet some paranoid parents would be led to believe this <_<" and this is certainly still far from paintball or air-soft. Sure, I can trust that toy laws protect people from getting hurt and preventing dangerous toys being sold... bah, it just baffles me that if it's safe for kids in one area, but not another... they're still kids, and particularly for people like me being an Adult Nerfer, I then *HAVE* to modify my way around this... or buy from Amazon lol =_=

    STILL! In conclusion; the Centurion has really set a new milestone for Nerf blasters. It LOOKS AWESOME, it promises EPIC PERFORMANCE, its a FLIPPING SNIPER BLASTER, and I am now so tense with exhilaration and anticipation for it's arrival that my hands have detached from my arms and my fingers are typing of their own accord, oh now they're running awaydwiafdsgpoju,fypjlo;=

    1. Good point Alex. With all the strict toy gun laws(which DOES actually help for safety)around, this Mega Elite line is no use, I don't see the point of a 1.5m long blaster being carried around. Nerf has got to somehow make this Centurion more compact, other -wise customers will have trouble bringing their blaster home.
      (imagine how hilarious it is to see a kid lugging a giant Nerf box aroung Kmart... :P)

      This also reminds me of the old-school original Nerf blasters with mega darts...

  12. At this juncture, I'm reading all the comments before myself and I see so many people actually begging to be sent the blaster to test it out. I don't know, I find that behaviour... strange.

    In any case, as a personal fan of the Longshot and the color Red, I'm happy that this does bear some resemblence to the Longshot, plus, I'm a fan of the colorway.

    Judging from the box art, it does seem that the entire barrel area is just purely for aesthetics. Why did they decide to include such a long faux barrel? We all know that all blasters feature a faux barrel that is of no purpose. Maybe they could make the front a faux barrel instead, so that players could have a choice of removing it if they wanted to.

    If I don't have a choice, I'd personally chop the entire front part off.

    The next question would be for them to confirm the firing mechanism. It would be nice if we could find out if this is going to be an Electronic or Manual blaster, or maybe even both, like a Vulcan?

    Also, since they've got a "Super PT" going on, why not just settle on that? All of us would definitely enjoy a bigger PT.

    I, too, have a question regarding the new darts and clip. That means the magwell would be wider than all of the current CS blasters so if this is something they're going for, I sure hope that they have engineered some way for both "Mega" and "current" clips and darts to be fired.

    If they really do release this blaster at £39.99, that would be pretty reasonable. Converted over to my local currency, that would work out to somewhat the cost of a Stampede.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more news about this Red dude.

    Thanks for the post, bro. Seems Hasbro is really pulling out all the stops this year.

    1. Many thanks for your good words brother :)

      To answer you here we go:

      The Barrel is FIXED in the mould. Hasbro invested A LOT of money and the results show faux barrels are better and work.

      The systems I can name are:
      1)Electronic Plunger (this is getting a lot of hate - why?),
      2)Super PT,
      3)Manual prime,
      4)Semi Auto (jammed a lot, getting hate)

      There is *noway* that regular Darts we use as of today will work in this blaster. Perhaps Blastersmiths will change this themselves. But goodluck on that project :)

    2. Thanks for responding so quickly, Ash.
      I'll probably chop that barrel off and add my own barrel.

      In any case, I already have "counter-measures" in mind to convert this thing to accept "current" clips and fire "current" darts.

      I personally like the "Super PT". More air volume, what more could anyone want?

      I personally do not like Electronic blasters. It's a personal preference but I do not like to rely on battery voltage / power to have a functioning blaster.

      However if they made it (like the vulcan) to be able to fire both manually and electronically, that would be nice.

    3. Ignoring all other aspects of modding, the mag well interests me as well. At least in my mind, there should be room for making a staggered super clip with normal Elite darts - like you'd have in a real firearms magazine.

  13. First thing i thought of when i see this blaster is NERF Barrett 50 CAL OMG!!! This is the true nerf sniper rifle! This just look so damn cool. I can't bloody wait anymore!
    Regarding the small magazine size,IMHO i think that if this blaster had a high capacity mag, imagine a group getting pinned down by this blaster that shoots 100 feet! However i would also want a high capacity magazine as i wouldn't mind using a overpowered blaster in a war :P.

    1. They limited it to a 6mag clip, because of this point exactly, they don't want CoD MW campers :)

    2. Well if they're going to limit it to a 6 round mag (IMO I'd take 20), might as well avoid semi-auto/full auto because the magazine would be exhausted rather quickly.

      Manual priming is good for this, though. I wonder if they can make this blaster have a slightly smaller profile - At 30m, everyone can still see you, and mobility is going to be severely hampered.

    3. Just to clarify, i do play COD but i ain't a fanboy. I am just someone who like guns

  14. wait for the centurion.i have to pretend my 100f range crimson longshot and with a red coloured long strike barrel as a (pretend) looks like my prediction is true. Thanks for the info MLD

  15. I take that this will be one of the fall releases this year?

  16. All looks pretty cool, what does the electronic pt actually do as it seemed a bit unclear, one thing I'm not too keen on really is the fact it's got the 'mega' written on the side, looks bad, but everything else looks cool.

    1. This is just a guess but it sounds like the bolt is just to prime the first dart of a fresh clip. After that, the electric primer set's the plunger automatically after each shot making it operate just like a Barrett .50 Cal

  17. Hey it's Spicy Fireballs, I couldn't use the Wordpress Login but, can you use your old mags with elite darts with that blaster or no?

    1. As he stated in that large wall of text, the clips we have for now will not work (without modding the Centurion), and even then, they will be unsafe. The clips made for the Centurion will be the only magazines that you can use for this.

  18. Supah excited about the semi auto model. I hope they also have a manual pump action prime version. Also, the semi auto model is electricity powered or CO2/HPA powered?

    1. I dont think Nerf would make it CO2/HPA powered due to that it is still unbelievably a toy and that stuff is expensive.

  19. They probably will release a bigger magazine as an "Accessory". Nerf is smart about their "Accessories" as it gets them alot of muney. Depending on how much bigger these darts are, we may see improved methods to hold the ammo. I am fairly confident a 12 round magazine will hit the field almost within a week after it's release. If they dont, it goes to the modders to procure a method to extend the clips.
    As for range increasing... Will it need it? Probably not.
    Can it be done? Hell yes it can. Stronger springs, reinforced parts... It can be done.
    I have my wonderings about the under the barrel tac rail... Perhaps one of the next accessories is to have a double ended attachment device in place of "Integrations" (I'm hoping"
    I will definatly be getting a rifle that can shoot 100+ feet!


  21. The reason the darts are larger is safty larger darts = less spead but more glide = longer ranges. I bet they will make this with internals that make it impossible to mod to normal darts as well for safety which really isn't that hard to do... look at the Triad or rough cut for example to make them fire stephans you have to literaly cut the barrel off.. which I expect they will do with this and it will ruin the seal etc..

    I so glad on this move. looks great.. but some thing are confusing in your post MR Last dart. You mention Super PT manual prime and Automatic are you talking about the 3 dif secret blasters or are you talking about this blaster. any way. nice blaster all the same. I hope all 3 of the new blasters use mega darts.

    1. this.
      i can't tell if you're saying this blaster is available with different types of plunger tube ,of if the various different types are for various different blasters.

      also.sweet jesus my legs just melted into a puddle under me and now im stuck t the floor with slowly hardening leg juice. this looks amazing.

  22. This blaster is the most ridiculous (In a good way) thing I have ever seen. I'm gonna need a new backyard to fire this, it is about 100 or so feet long. Nerf is really stepping up and put other brands to shame. As far as accessories go I hope they make a better Pinpoint sight. The bipod sounds exciting, but we'll have to wait and see. I cant wait to pick these for HvZ, Hopefully they make a smaller blaster as the scariest sidearm I'll ever see until the "New N-strike Elite Mega Super Double Elite Spamtron with forty mile accuracy and 600 mile distance! only 500 US Dollars!!! ITS NERF OR NOHING"

    (R.I.P. Elite Ranges/Longshot)

  23. Why all the hate towards the Longshot? Calling it failed and such?

  24. looks like its going to be a cool gun. when are they expecting to release it to the usa and how much in american dollars?
    I think it'll be nice to have a real sniper rifle in the game.
    and will nerf ever sell accessory packs with various barrels, stocks, clips, etc all in one package? that would be nice for personalizing guns when you can't afford to buy a whole new one.

  25. Sounds interesting, but why is it electronic?

    Also why the new dart type? I'm wondering if it'll be possible to modify it to fire streamlines.

  26. As cool as this looks, I don't think it will be worth the $75 price tag, but I may be wrong.
    I think that as homemades are much cheaper, that they are a better option, but I would like to be proven wrong.

  27. I am so excited! In the right hands, this thing can be a monster. The bigger darts make sense, more weight, better ballistics coeffiecient. My guns I mod, once they hit 85 flat, it takes twice as much force to take it to 100 flat. after that the darts are so light that they do alot of dancing around the air. Arched, It is very hard to get a dart past 160 feet, Problem is terminal velocity of a nerf dart is about 150-160 FPS, it means at first you could belt a dart out at 200 FPS, but it quickly drops. As for the issues a new blaster always has, especially a new system, a good modman can always get around it!

  28. Super Plunger tube and Manual prime sound the best to me.

    I really like this whole idea. Nerf is FINALLY listening to us. And you know what? We like it. This will actually fulfill the dreams of the little kid snipers, who are disappointed when they buy a "sniper rifle" and get twenty-five foot range (LongStrike), but will also make the modders (of which I am one) have wet dreams thinking about its two foot long plunger tube.

    The main problem I see with this is its length. I already heard that it's well balanced, but still, people don't like a blaster that's longer than a Civil War musket, and that's taller than themselves (if they're little kids).

    All in all though, I love it.

    p.s. I love the way a lot of the comments are so long on here. It is indicative of intelligent conversation!

    1. To me and a gun, Happiness is 5 feet tall : ) Steadier aim, more sight radius, It's only plastic.

  29. dude when do u think this is going to release ?

  30. Screw the Elite Alpha Trooper! I'll be saving my money for this bad boy! :)

  31. Sounds very cool, but does it have to be 75 dollars?!?!?

    1. It will probably be $50 in the US,like the Rough Cut is $20 in the US and 20 pounds in the UK

  32. A shorter carbine version would be cool. Also, how's the dart fit?

  33. I wonder, if this blaster hits Australia, would it be detuned to 15 meters too, like the current NSE line ?

  34. I really want to know more, the electronic plungers semi auto full auto stuff is very vague.

  35. (1/2)

    WOW! Where do I even begin...

    >> NSE Mega Darts

    I think this is a great idea. .50 caliber is a limiting factor for modern stock/stockish (think HVZ) nerf. Without the ability to use less safety-oriented tip designs, the longstanding .50 caliber/2.5" foam length Micro format has a major problem being (1) stable, (2) efficient, (3) safe with regards to KED/tip materials and (4) able to reliably feed through magazines, at the same time. Essentially, you can pick three of these and lose the fourth - Streamlines and derivatives(elites) are safe, efficient and reliable, but inaccurate at high velocity; sonics/taggers are stable, efficient and safe but don't play well with mechanical handling and feeding; and Stefans are stable, efficient, and reliable but are not safe enough for a toy.

    This problem lies in the geometry and aspect ratio of the dart. Furthermore, .50 has a problem with getting more effective range and flatter trajectories than it already does in these applications (HVZ, NIC, Stock) without a safety problem. With all the modders slaving away trying to get better ballistics since the micro was introduced, I would say it is conclusive that .50 cannot give us any more. So, I would call a new dart design on the scene a good thing.

    Now for those who are going to complain about compatibility, Hasbro please pay no attention. While changing to larger caliber and using different mags may put some people off, this is a necessary step. If we are to have progress, we are going to have to accept the design changes that allow it to happen. All of you who are claiming "I won't buy if it's not NS mags and Streamlines", please take a step back and realize that in nerf terms, micro darts are ancient history. Refusing to buy a modern product that's not still using micro darts is like claiming that our military should have locked themselves into old black-powder era cartridges for their otherwise modern weapons development programs rather than adopting the successive advances in small arms since those old rounds were designed.

  36. (2/3)

    >> Should This Be Electric?


    Going electric (AEG in this case) offers a whole new dimension of stock appeal and hands modders lots of potential. Manual springers are yesterday's news, especially when they are not factory pump-action or capable of slamfire. Since the reaction to the "failed" Longstrike and Longshot was brought up, a primary issue many fans had with these was their nature as a large weapon with a problematic low rate of fire due to a pointless charging handle design. Overall, the complaint I have heard most about the LS/LK is that it attempts to be a sniper rifle in aesthetics but is out of line with actual gameplay and the characteristics of the weapon in a game scenario. This Mega line stands to give the sniper some bite to go with that bark, but game mechanics in nerf and similar games are still what they are and bolt-action will be a disadvantage that will turn people off. Electric semi-auto or full auto will make this product a lot more useful and universal as well as a lot more awesome than just a strange-looking Longshot with teeth that still works and plays like a Longshot.

    Furthermore, this concept of a large, high-energy springer will be difficult to manually charge. The 2 foot stroke of the charging handle MLD describes is testament to that... if it is that big a problem that (I assume) it is necessary to use gears Roughcut-style to gain enough mechanical advantage for the average user to prime this thing, I think manual is not gonna fly too well. Neither a 20lb bolt pull nor a 2-foot charging handle stroke are going to agree with customers. A motor and gearbox would take care of that.

    Personally, my interest in this line would be approximately quadrupled if it includes an electric springer. Note I said "this line". Perhaps having options would be better - an automatic rifle AND a bolt-action to choose from. What I do think for sure is that the massive potential of the new Mega ballistics would be surely wasted if there is not at least a semi-auto, mag-fed entry in the line. Preferably, it would be full auto.

    I am not sure what "hate" there is for electric. I have not heard any myself... I would guess that a lot of those in the community who are trash-talking electrics are either those traditionalists and old modders who are not going to be objective about the advantages of Nerf electrification no matter what, or else they are modders who are intimidated and challenged by electric (unlike me!). I know for a fact that electric (both flywheel and AEG) is king in HVZ. Despite longstanding prejudices, electric is a given any time you mention Nerf product usage in HVZ - there will ALWAYS be a Stryfe, Rayven, Stampede or even modded Vulcan recommendation. Why? Semi- and full-auto are compelling advantages.

  37. (3/3)

    >> Magazine Capacity

    This is perhaps where I am most opinionated.

    Dear Hasbro, please stop trying to pursue some kind of agenda regarding game balance by designing your products with artificial restrictions on their effectiveness. That is not your place to make that decision. You are the one selling Nerf products, not the one setting up games.

    If you want to OFFER six-round mags for the purpose of ALLOWING game organizers and players to balance their matches, that is good. However, deliberately confining a product to a subset of its potential in such a basic and obvious way is backwards, nonsensical, and probably a bad move from a commercial standpoint.

    "Six-round mags only" is going to flat-out STRIKE THIS PRODUCT OFF the lists of many HVZ players. Personally, if this is released with nothing but 6-rounders, my VERY FIRST MOD will be to Frankenstein two mags together to make a 12-rounder so I can HVZ this thing.

    Combined with attempts and prototypes that hint at this possibly being automatic, a larger magazine (even just 10 or 12 rounds, which should be doable just as easily as 6) could COMPLETELY change the character of the Centurion. On one hand (manual and 6-shot) you have a Longshot that performs stock how its looks say it should. On the other - if it's electric and equipped with a 12+ rounder - it is something truly exceptional that offers things absolutely no other homemade or commercial product ever has before.

  38. 1.removable bipod.(look closely it looks like a tactical rail)
    2.nerf is going to give the mega treat to the most beloved blaster (a reshelled or a redo).(the beloved blaster are stampede,longshot(centurion),vulcan,etc)

  39. is this fake or real

    1. MyLastDart got a stab at it at the London Toy Fair. It is truly real, and he wouldn't lie about it as well.

  40. This is gonna be an awesome blaster. I'm totally gonna buy this. Thank you Ash for sharing the information. You sir, are a awesome Nerfer. :)

  41. I've warmed up to the idea of it shooting megas. Makes sense so that it fills the sniper niche and the limited clip/ammo makes it so it's not crazy overpowered. NERF developed this to fill a particular role and it's a great idea. It is not supposed to replace any of the current blasters as many of you are making comparisons. I could definitely see myself using this from a distance and after firing off 6 megas from 100ft closing the gap and engaging w a rampage/ strife etc. The red is not looking so good though; maybe a higher resolution image would give us a better idea of the aesthetics on this bad boy. Time to start prepping the sniper nest.

  42. I'm a bit conflicted about this in HvZ. Zombies usually attack in two ways: either by taking the humans by surprise (hiding around a corner or concealment), or in very large wave attacks. In either sense having a slow firing high power blaster is not going to be much use.

    If I have to wheel around 1.5 meters of plastic to shoot the zombie jumping at me I'm going to be dead, so in that case I'd much rather have a sidearm at the ready, such as a Rough Cut.

    In the case of a large wave attack, you'd think a semi or full auto blaster would work better, but people have a tendency to just spray darts without aiming for each shot. Ordinarily having the automatic means fire superiority by way of suppressing the other team's players, but in the midst of a zombie charge you cannot get them to stop. I do think a blaster like this Centurion would be of use there, since it forces people to think about each shot even when there's a billion zombies coming at you. Also, being able to thin down the horde from much further is a great plus.

    I shy away from electric only blasters, so if you were to go for the semi or full auto idea, go for it, but I do not want anyone to get rid of the manual priming handle. It's not that electricity is evil or unreliable, it's that when I pull the trigger I need a dart to come out without the half second of the blaster priming.

    Trouble is with the magazine capacity. First thing I'm doing is getting a second one and duct taping them together into a flip clip.

    Other trouble is the length of it, I would shorten it significantly, for effective close quarters maneuvering.

    1. If it doesn't turn out to be slow firing or low capacity, this will be quite HVZ suitable.

      Length is a problem that is often overblown. Many HVZ players make the mistake of considering length or weight to be the primary determining factors in how something handles and whether it is "fast enough" for HVZ and close quarters, and this is simply not true. I primary rifles only, some almost as long as this thing, and I have never had a problem with handling. Proper ergonomic design makes a MUCH larger difference than just a reduction in length without consideration of how the result balances and handles. Oftentimes I try out shorter, lighter guns that are raved about by players (such as Rayven without a barrel extension, or a chopped Stampede) only to find that they handle like crap and I am not confident wielding them. I then happily go back to my longer primaries (full length Stampede, for instance) which do not make the mistake of placing reduction of size and mass above its end goal, which is to improve handling.

      Proper use of full auto is a skill. FA in the right hands is a HUGE advantage.

      Also, poor trigger response in (open bolt) AEGs is not a given - that was a single product, the Stampede, that had issues with lock time. Furthermore, even then it was only a problem in stock form, for those who do not mod. I am not a particularly aware player, I often get surprised so it is of concern to me. And, I have never had reaction time problem with a 300+ RPM stampede build and I ran those damn things for close to 3 years against some VERY good zombies.

      Point being, electric does not equal poor reaction time. Perhaps Hasbro can fix that, or perhaps that will be left to us. Either way, it's a non-concern.

      I would definitely vote that if this is electric, the manual charging handle be omitted. This feature would be completely useless to me and would add cost and complexity.

  43. BLAH BLAH BLAH.... why are you guys crying and whinging and moaning? We cried in pain to Hasbro that the LS and LSt sucked as "SNIPERS" and wanted them to do something about it so when they finally make something taking shape of a barret with it's huge dart size, mag size and overall length - you cry even more.

    It's meant tah be huge and slightly overpowered. I don't doubt this one bit. It's logically and makes sense. You guys wanted a Sniper, well... here it is!

    Come on guys! THIS IS FREAKIN AWESOME! You gotta admit that! Surely

  44. If the barrel and the stock AND the gun is one piece, that box is gonna be huge. 1.5 meters is around 4 feet, American readers.

  45. Wait.Mld,u told us to forget about the 9.9.13 blaster(which is surely cool)and u said u wanted the 2014/15.i cannot believe this.if u told us to forget about the 2013 just imagine how many comments will appear on ur page.only one blaster is able to reach 60 comments imagine the full range.