Thursday, 21 March 2013

Houston, No time to EAT - we have a problem?

Edit: had a couple of emails from other Nerfers who report the same findings, and that the blaster seems more powerful than others when dry-firing/loaded with magazine.

Ok so I've had the whole evening to play with the Elite Alpha Trooper, and I have to say that no blaster has had me captivated like this. There is something very special about this blaster, and i'm not sure why above all others. I will collect my thoughts later in the original post, but I have noticed something of concern.

Rather than try to explain it, i'm hoping you can tell me:

My HD camera is not liking the lighting i'm thinking, and these are the best shots I am able to take. It does not show the stressing clearly, but I would go as far as to say it looks like it's going to tear apart. There are hair-line cracks.

I'm talking Hulk Hogan tshirt tear apart...

I have not modded the blaster spring nor attempted it, and not over-tightened the screws after I completed the internal shots.

It looks like the blaster is being stressed - where and why I am not entirely sure.

So i'm hoping you good people can help me understand what's going down, and if this is indeed a fault? Is this why there was a delay originally due to a faulty batch?


  1. It's on upside down! The plunger cover is shaped to only fit properly one way round (wider at the bottom). By putting it on the other way, the plastic is being forced outwards.

    The stress marks are at the narrowest part of the cover which is over the widest part of the connection to the blaster.

    Basically, the notches for the stock, need to be pointing downwards.

    I've done it before when rushing to put a blaster back together.

    Hope that helps!

    1. You're exactly right; it's just much more immediately noticeable what the cause is when the plunger cover is a darker color.

  2. Receiver endcaps are not structural components with a stock spring (and only very low stress otherwise). If production ones had cracks or weak weld lines in them, they would never be provoked to fail.

    However, the cause is clear in this case. Those are stress marks from improper installation. Stock locking notches go down.

    I would call it no meaningful damage. ABS, unlike polycarbonate, stops cracks.

  3. You have it on upside down.

  4. Anyone notice the storm trooper?

  5. You put the plunger cover on backwards. If you reverse it then there will be no more stress.

  6. He might not be able to fire straight, but the storm trooper can see that you haven't put the end on quite right (you put it on upside down after showing us the internals in a previos post). =P