Thursday, 7 March 2013

An Elite Alpha Trooper pops up in NCQB Video Promo

Thanks to follower Andrew Cheng's email almost a week ago and Basic Nerf's recent coverage of  this heads up.


At the 2min 28 mark, we see one of the gamers with what appears to be a live bonafide Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper. I have been in touch with my contact at Argos and await their response.

Speaking of Nerf Elite Alpha Troopers, I should have some news on the UK launch by tomorrow. Expect something good - i'm certainly hoping!


  1. There's also a glimpse of its side-profile at 3:06-3:07.

  2. I think you should remove the word "promo" off the title. This is not an official Nerf sponsored video, just some people playing around and having fun. It makes it seem official, when it's really not.

    One of my Nerf friends texted saying that the Elite Alpha Trooper is now coming with a Raider stock in a "promo video" he saw that came from you. I had to set him straight, but you don't want to go misleading people, do you?

    1. Thanks - updated the title, my Chinese is not the best, so took the direct translation from Google Translator. Made it clearer, but I think it's clear it's not official but a fan video :) Cheers!