Monday, 18 March 2013

AFoN stumble upon Walmart Exclusive - Rough Cut 2x4 /w Bandolier

Mucho gracias to those folks over at Adult Fans of Nerf for this snap of a Walmart Exclusive showcasing the Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2x4 with a Bandolier strap:

Credit to AFoN
So what do we get in the box? We get 16 Elite darts and an Elite Bandolier for.... $19.00 - fan-frickin-awesome people!

It seems from a recent spate of promotions and deals from Toys R Us etc to include Double Darts, and other accessories with the blasters is not only a step in the right direction but letting them have more creative control on such things is only a good thing. Hasbro shift more units (ch$-ch$ng) but fans get more bang for their buck.

Credit to: R4V3NW47CH
Got to say, I love his thorough review, it's real hands on and honest. Hit that Subscribe button if you agree folks :)

I'm hopeful we will see some single accessory sales soon, even if it's in time for Xmas I will be filling up Stockings like nobodys business!

What do you guys think - a good thing or not something that bothers you?


  1. I've been tempted to get a second rough cut for the last few weeks. With a deal like this, how could I not pick this up?

    1. Be wary! I got one and the rough cut was basically broken. I think I'll have to replace every AR spring in the thing. Right out of the box. I'm not saying don't, just be careful!

  2. One thing you got wrong, it comes with 24, not 16 darts! I picked one of these up at my local Wally World for $19.97

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