Wednesday, 20 March 2013

2013 Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper review (/w internals)

Finally at last! The saga ends - for the UK Nerf fans anyhow! The Elite Alpha Trooper has finally landed on the good shores of the UK!!
 Ok, so I got home to a nice big package of 4 EATs - a giveaway will be sorted out - for Americas, Asia (incl. Australia) and Europe. More on this later.

Ok hold on to your pants folks :D


How to access the Jam door - prime slam-fire grip fully back
My first impression is WOW - the box is slim but appears huge.
Aesthetically it's nice to look at, and now that I've had some time to play with it, it's light and quick to respond - as best your reflexes allow.
I will say this - my initial thought on further inspection was how light weight and dare I say - cheapie it felt. Most blasters are meaty and sturdy. This doesn't give that feel. With that aside what a blaster.
The rate of fire has to be mentioned above all else and is a clear winner why it is a sweetheart blaster for so many Nerf fans who loved the original N-Strike Alpha Trooper. You will most definitely *not* be disappointed with this purchase. The rate of fire is insane. I'm wondering if a semi-auto like a Stryfe can stand up to it.
On the battlefield this is most likely going to be a primary blaster of choice for foam battles and HvZ. I'm tempted to say it might replace my Retaliator... (I know, I know I love that above all else!). I will explain why, the face that it is an "under arm" slam-fire unlike the Retaliators topside, you retain the accuracy and perhaps a higher rate of fire. As a CS-12 clip magazine (booo no CS-18!) you run thru the darts in no time. I guess that's where those new Clear CS-18 clips come in to play ;)
I can see this as a hip-firing blaster be it in need for defensive fallback or offensive press. It's versatile. How many blaster can we say that to? The Retaliator is the first that comes to my mind.
It's compact enough to give complete control over firing it - if ever a blaster was made for slam-fire this was the first in mind I feel. The Rough Cut 2x4 and even the Rampage are kings of Elite slam-fire, but this offers an edge. There is an element of confidence when using this blaster. I'm not entirely sure why.

Note the silver hammer rod in the slam-fire grip, possible mod potential.

The spring is no different to the Retaliators - not to be frowned upon

Comparison of the Retaliators PT and the EAT - identical which is a good thing

Closer look at the PT and trigger mech
If anyone remembers, Chris Cartaya mod his Retaliator blaster to hit 115feet flat. With the Elite Alpha Trooper packing the same internals - oh boy could this blaster be the new King of the Hill.

Ok last but not least - giveaway time!
To enter all you need to do is head over to my Facebook page and hit 'Like' to follow my FB page not the post, and leave a comment with why you should win the in the status called 'Elite Alpha Trooper Giveaway!'

  1. If you are too young for a Facebook account, you can comment on the YT video.
  2. Entry is limited to 1 person per family/household - your mother, sister, dad or grandfather, cousin, second cousin, long lost uncle or aunt can not enter. Definitely not your pet hamster or dog  (people have seriously asked).
  3. I will announce winners Sunday 14th April  2013 midnight.
  4. I ask Winners to post a picture of themselves with the EAT when you receive it.

You can increase your chances by +1 by:
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Good luck folks! May the best Nerfers win!


  1. Ash, unfortunaly I don't have a Facebook. Could you accept my entry on youtube instead? Reply back if you can :) -JacobPradoVids

    1. Hey Jacob, that's fine man, good luck :)

  2. Are you going to be choosing a winner randomly, or are you going to choose the best story explaining why you should get it? Because honestly I don't have the best :P

  3. A few quick questions on the blaster
    1. Is there a dart holder/storage in the handle?
    2. Based on the clip (cs-12), does each blaster come with 12 elite darts?
    3. if possible, could you get the weight and or dimensions of the blaster?

  4. it is 20m range but has an orange trigger?

    1. I think you're getting confused with the 15 meter blasters which are sold in Australia with a grey trigger.

      20 meter blasters are the same as the USA 75 feet blasters.

  5. A give away that includes Australia! MyLastDart you deserve a massive pat on the back for having the most international Nerf blog on the internet. Do want an Elite Alpha Trooper.

  6. Dr. Mr. MLD,
    Despite pictures and information appearing on the internet all over the globe, there's no such consumer good as an "Elite Alpha Trooper". You're mistaken. Just like the "Elite Centurion" and the "Elite RapidStrike CS-18, it's all made up. This was a figment of your imagination. Please kindly remove this post since the product you posted obviously does not really exist. Really, it doesn't. It's all in your mind. It does not really exist because there's no such consumer good. You never saw it. That didn't't exist...

    The cat out of Hasbro's bag

    (Seriously, much props for the awesome post on the new rockin' Elite edition AT! Again, great job, MLD!)

    1. im in the UK, and i have one from argos

    2. He was joking

  7. no one else noticed he put the end cap back on upside down, woops

    1. Lol, nice job putting your blaster back together, MLD. =P

  8. does it really fell cheaper than the original?? :(

  9. Here in the US, Australia is it's own continent, is it different in Aussie? And YouTube has the same age restrictions as Facebook...

  10. If i don't use my Facebook Account,can i use a Facebook page about Nerf instead?

  11. I liked your Facebook page, subscribed to the channel, followed the twitter page and joined the Google plus group.
    I posted a comment on the facebook status and the YouTube video. I would like to win the elite alpha trooper because my birthday is on the 15th and I really want one but its not going to be available in the US by then.

  12. I posted my reasons on YouTube, hope you recieve and accept my request. Thanks a lot!

  13. Hello.

    I've just bought my first nerf in a really long time, and was wondering if you could help me out with a question I had.

    Am i right to assume the AT CS 12 will have the same range / power as the strongarm seeing as they've both got 20m stated on the box?

    Thanks in advance.

  14. I'm also fairly new to Nerf, although I've modded a Maverick by compressing the spring, removing the ARs, and removing the nubs so the chamber (?) extends out all the way for better reloading. But I'm looking for something more and I'm trying to decide between the Alpha Trooper CS-12 and the Retaliator. And I'm kind of stuck on which to go with. I wondered what your opinion was in terms of stock performance and also in mod-ability. Right now I'm looking for simple DIY mods, eventually I might get into spending extra $$ on after market parts. I'm also in the US so hopefully whichever I get isn't detuned (that makes 1 thing our country is doing right).

    Super appreciated, and thanks for the great reviews!