Thursday, 28 March 2013

New Nerf MEGA Javelin leaked on

Thanks to Klaus Hausner for the heads up. It seems those Swiss folk are getting a little carried away, with this latest posting on

Despite having the same EAN# as another blaster - that there should not be any kind of loss in translation - in fact there can't be any according to my German and Swiss friends.

Also we note that they announce an August release date:

"Noch nicht veröffentlicht, angekündigt für August"
Not yet published, announced for August

--  with a 10 CH franc/dollar difference. That is normal for competitors to undercut each other, it is not common (unless exclusivity - ie. repackaging Vulcan as Havok) for a complete name change.

This is the US Army Javelin:


So are we technically seeing an suped up Titan? Let me know your thoughts.

Things are getting Nerfy down in Union Square, CA

Jericho's word is to become the law of the land over at Union Square, in San Francisco on:

Saturday, March 30, 2013 - 1:00 pm  | Cost: FREE*
Union Square Park | Geary and Powell, San Francisco, CA

Jericho is an urban spy game with Nerf guns played sneaky in public settings all over SF like malls and parks, where everyone assumes the role of a spy like a giant secret game of Capture the Flag.
Each team of “agents” will carry out missions where they will need to either eliminate their opponents or deliver “top secret documents” to win. The sneakier a player is, the better.

Jericho: Urban Nerf Gun Spy Game
Monthly games, locations change
Bring a Nerf Gun, hat and cell phone
>>  Free, but RSVP at Jericho Meetup Group
>> Rules can be found here

Want to have the most fun? Get creative and make a costume and build your own foam-based “assassination” kit.

Thanks to Admin Ben for the heads up, for more details guys check out the link for more!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Friday, 22 March 2013

Target update for US Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12

Just got off the phone with my contact over at and I can confirm some good news for all you US Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper fans.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Pocket fulla foam - head fulla Nerf (NSFW)

"A man who could make so vile a pun would not scruple to pick a Pocket."
(The Gentleman's Magazine, 1781)

Houston, No time to EAT - we have a problem?

Edit: had a couple of emails from other Nerfers who report the same findings, and that the blaster seems more powerful than others when dry-firing/loaded with magazine.

Ok so I've had the whole evening to play with the Elite Alpha Trooper, and I have to say that no blaster has had me captivated like this. There is something very special about this blaster, and i'm not sure why above all others. I will collect my thoughts later in the original post, but I have noticed something of concern.

Rather than try to explain it, i'm hoping you can tell me:

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

2013 Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper review (/w internals)

Finally at last! The saga ends - for the UK Nerf fans anyhow! The Elite Alpha Trooper has finally landed on the good shores of the UK!!
 Ok, so I got home to a nice big package of 4 EATs - a giveaway will be sorted out - for Americas, Asia (incl. Australia) and Europe. More on this later.

Ok hold on to your pants folks :D

Heads up to US Nerf fans - 30% off @Target

Heads up to all you US Nerf fans! Get 30% off Nerf blasters at Target

Details are as follow below:

Nerfcast Episode 9: Loadout

The awesomesauce dynamic duo Shawn and Josh hit us up with their latest Webisode Nerfcast and it's all about Loadouts. Enjoy!
What Loadouts do you prefer to rock to a Nerf battle or HvZ? I'm thinking a Stryfcut Masterkey and a Raider? The Elite Alpha Trooper would definitely get a look in man! Damn i'm pumped for that!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 Step by Step video guide for Elite Retaliator

This is one for all you modders out there. Those awesome people at have produced an awesomesauce step by step video guide on how to install the spring mod on a Nerf Elite Retaliator kit from Much thanks to Klotzi on his video <3

Search for the UK's biggest Nerf fan!

You can check the original post of when I covered this back in December 2012 and find out more about the Quest store and it's facilities and plans.

To celebrate the launch of the UK’s first ever NERF Combat Arena at Quest, the new adventure and entertainment venue at Westfield’s Merry Hill shopping centre, the team is launching a competition to find the biggest NERF fan in the UK.

Monday, 18 March 2013

A face that keeps haunting the NIC *Simpsons ha-hah!*

A down to earth school psychologist tries to help a mentally ill student who actually believes his brother is coming back from the grave for revenge on the students who killed him.

If anyone remembers the face of the Sheriff you will know it is our friendly ghost Devon Sawa. He is the child actor poster boy for Hasbro Nerf back in the 90's till he made his move to star in the child movie 'Casper the Friendly Ghost' and other television programs.

This is something I got in my iTunes movie trailer feed and was quite intrigued to see what Devon has been busy working away at. This movie is rated 'R'.

Review & Unboxing: Nerf N-Strike Elite BARREL BREAK IX-2 [German]

Still working thru a backlog of email, but Props to Danzi Hauser for the emailing me this on the 12th March for this find! Here we see the unboxing and review by ScrymaelPulSe on the Nerf Elite Barrel Break IX-2 (the review is in German, but you can pick up plenty of what he shows):
The colour scheme is awesome, I have to say that. It almost seems very chunky - bigger than the original N-Strike version. I have request ScrymaelPulSe breaks it open and compares the internals, but I have a feeling this may not be anything special. I would very much like to be mistaken :)
What do you folks think?

Grab your Nerf, Keep Calm and Aim for the Head!

When a Zombie apocalypse breaks - remember "Keep Calm and Aim for the Head!"
Anyone who follows me, will have learnt that i'm a major The Walking Dead fan. Now when you mix that with a healthy dosage of Nerf what do we get? Humans V Zombies :) And where else to find a pedigree of top notch organisations - down under in Oz!

There are several notable groups down under that pull this genre off so well, and i'm lucky enough to get some time-out with them! Without further ado, I give to you...

AFoN stumble upon Walmart Exclusive - Rough Cut 2x4 /w Bandolier

Mucho gracias to those folks over at Adult Fans of Nerf for this snap of a Walmart Exclusive showcasing the Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2x4 with a Bandolier strap:

Credit to AFoN
So what do we get in the box? We get 16 Elite darts and an Elite Bandolier for.... $19.00 - fan-frickin-awesome people!

It seems from a recent spate of promotions and deals from Toys R Us etc to include Double Darts, and other accessories with the blasters is not only a step in the right direction but letting them have more creative control on such things is only a good thing. Hasbro shift more units (ch$-ch$ng) but fans get more bang for their buck.

Credit to: R4V3NW47CH
Got to say, I love his thorough review, it's real hands on and honest. Hit that Subscribe button if you agree folks :)

I'm hopeful we will see some single accessory sales soon, even if it's in time for Xmas I will be filling up Stockings like nobodys business!

What do you guys think - a good thing or not something that bothers you?

Baghira1 posts Elite Alpha Trooper review and range test

Thanks to Baghira1 over at for the heads up, and sharing this Elite Alpha Trooper review and range test with fans who are long awaiting the release.

The video is in German, but you can decipher what he says from the video lead. Enjoy - I did!

Range test:

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper pops up on German shores!

It's creeping in ever closer UK Nerf fans! Thanks to friend Baghira1 over at, he managed to not only see the Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper sat high up on the shelves whilst shopping, but picked up 2!

Expecting some internal shots coming up shortly, but here you go - feast your eyes on these pics!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

UK Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper release update + more

Apologies for the absence as of late folks, I recently had a death in the family, and so had to be afk for a few days.

So what's new? Well my, my, my the NIC has been busy with some delightful eye-candy I see! <wink> Unfortunately, i'm bound by my NDA not to cover the leak.

Monday, 11 March 2013

PWND #30 - Elite Furyfinder Mod + Giveaway Contest!

pSykSG throws up his latest webisode:

pSykSG: "Giveaway Contest! Remember to submit your entries by 17th March. One entry per person (but you're welcome to leave more than 1 comment!)"
click link to submit entry on pSykSG YT video

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Game Informer Special Johnson Arms shipment

Good friend Brian Johnson of Johnson Arms recently got an awesome shout out from Game Informer, check the article out below!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

For Nerf HvsZ to be this good, takes ageS

Anyone remember this?

Then you will remember the motto...
- "to be this good takes ageS".
And just like Sega, this HvsZ group is the very essence of that. They are one of the respected HvsZ organisations in Australia when it comes to this scene, and for good reason. 

Adult Fans of Nerf ep 31: More Hasbro gets Nerfed

Friends Adult Fans of Nerf throw up their latest Webisode! Enjoy :)

An Elite Alpha Trooper pops up in NCQB Video Promo

Thanks to follower Andrew Cheng's email almost a week ago and Basic Nerf's recent coverage of  this heads up.


At the 2min 28 mark, we see one of the gamers with what appears to be a live bonafide Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper. I have been in touch with my contact at Argos and await their response.

Speaking of Nerf Elite Alpha Troopers, I should have some news on the UK launch by tomorrow. Expect something good - i'm certainly hoping!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Nerfcast Episode 8: Across the Pond with MyLastDart

Good friends Shawn and Josh invited me to come be a guest on their Nerfcast show. I absolutely love these guys, they are hilarious! and just as importantly - passionate about Nerf. Please check them out, support them by hitting 'Subscribe'.

Who would you love to be their next Guest speaker? Let me know!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Short, Simple and Straight

I just want to clear up a lot of what is being said on various sites about what happened recently regarding the Mega Centurion incident.
  • In Short the information given regarding the Centurion from a Hasbro official was posted up, due to a miscommunication within Hasbro's PR arms. I was requested to take the link down immediately - which I did. I complied with the rules of my NDA and certain instruction turned out otherwise, but when approached I immediately took it down.
  • The Simple of it is an internal miscommunication within Hasbro, which has resulted in an accidental unoffical preview of the Centurion.
  • To set it Straight, I maintain a positive relationship with Hasbro UK, remain a credible blog, and source for Nerf news. A senior of Hasbro's UK PR contacted me instantly on the phone where we identified and discussed the source of said mix-up which does not lie with me. More importantly how we go forward to avoid future mix-ups. I want to make it clear that I do not having any ill feelings towards Hasbro/Nerf.

I'm a passionate fan, and I will continue to share news, reviews and events happening around the world within our good Nerf Internet Community.

I would also like to take the chance to say a big "Thank You!" to everyone supporting me, not only for your kind words, messages but coming to my defence in light of recent events.

Thank you for your time folks, game on

Monday, 4 March 2013



"There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better
batten down the hatches, because when it hits,
you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large
and leave so little for the rest of us."

Sunday, 3 March 2013

NDA Exclusive - 1 of the new Top Secret blasters - Nerf Elite Mega Centurion

This new blaster hits ranges over 100 ft
Here we go folks! The new Nerf Elite Mega Centurion is a new Sub-Range of Nerf - Mega. The Mega Centurion comes with a new tech-smart bipod + new never seen before internals.

But first - WHY?

Of all feedback Hasbro got, there was a problem. The blasters being created far out-performed Elite and did not fit any existing range.

Thus is born Nerf Mega "X". It's come about due to many of the YT videos showing Nerf snipers, Stock gamers upset lack of game play variety, and Mods thrown out to fix the "ugly duckling LS" . The Electronic Plunger prototype exceeded 100ft (I think around 150?)
"Sucks it packs red Whistlers."
Actually no. It's rounds are roughly 1inch depth by 4 inch in length. They come in new MCS-6 round Magazines. Again this will not be packing Whistlers, they are Mega Rounds, or MCS-6 clips. Complete new build, they are about 1 inch depth, 4 inches long. They have an immense velocity. 100 feet STRAIGHT not arc'd. Repeat NOT arc'd.

Why new Darts? wth...

Because this blaster hits 100ft stock, the Elite darts (let alone any other) cannot maintain accuracey, speed and range. These new Mega Darts (or Mongos) maintain high velocity, range, accuracey and are within realms of safety. I'm assuming an Elite dart  travelling this fast in this would make it unsafe, and prone to bruise. How well do your Elite darts work in slight or windy / rainy situations? MCS work 100% well.

The regular N-Strike and Elite CS clips we know as of today, will not be compatible. The magwell is far too large and the whole mechanism is designed to take large MCS rounds only.

The MCS-6 rounds will be on sale separately, but it is not clear if they will sell the Mag clips themselves. What accessories available I cannot say at this time.

There was a slight mix up on the info I was told to release, but to clarify - it is a complete new PT (nearly 2 feet long) with a very stable bolt primer (which matches nearly 2 feet).

The barrel is currently *not* removable. It is part of the blaster completely. Whether this changes  is another thing, but as of London Toy Fair, it was most definitely one piece.

Stock? It  does not come with a stock, it has a butt-stock similar to the Rayven.

The Magazine shape is not distorted, it is deliberately shaped in this fashion for when users hit the desk and go Prone using the Bipod. The tech-smart bipod is fully collapsible for heavy weapon deployment and automatically clips up when you are on the move. It's really awesome and not annoying one bit. To confirm the Clip does not interfere with the Bipod when it is deployed.

It comes with a series of Iron sights built into the blaster - there are 3 Iron sights in all.

To confirm, this is a Xmas 2013 release for the UK - the US I believe is earmarked for the same +/- on December.

The colour scheme is inspired by many fans aesthetically changing the colours, but there was a need to distinguish the complete new sub-range generation blasters. Inspired by Stock fans and enthusiastic YouTube heroes.

The size of this blaster is in length 1metre long. Yes, 1metre long. Yep - that's 100cm. It took a sharp dev turn since feedback has been intense (thank you all fans!) and replaces "failed" LongStrike and LongShot blasters.

It will retail for around £49.99 - in a bid to make Nerf more accessible to all pockets.

The Centurion uses a complete new never before seen internal mechanic system. The Super Plunger Tube has had an overhaul and this will not only keep Stock fans happy, but have modders switch up their A-Game with a Stock 100ft range.

It comes with 2 tactical rails, one at the butt-side of the blaster, and one under the muzzle. I can't comment on the accessories on play, but i'm sure this will be unveiled shortly from my NDA.

The prototype blasters rock a variety of mechanics, this is for the team to have hands on examples of what works and what doesnt. An example - like the Revonix360 - I played with was semi-auto, detachable drum, and fired 2 discs. The blaster shown at the New York Toy Fair 2013 was not semi-auto, and did not fire 2 discs, and did not have a detachable drum.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nike LeBron 9 "What the Nerf" Custom X Twizz Customs Trainers

If anyone remembers I covered the Kevin  Durant Nike KD 5 "Energy" Nerf trainers back in December 2012.

Nike were kind enough to get in touch and let me know about the Nike LeBron customs range continues - with a new of custom trainers crafted by Twizz Customs.

The design merges two very well known themes of well known “Nerf” theme, as well as Nike‘s "What the …" theme. Without further ado, find below the awesome pics of the new Nike LeBron 9 "What the Nerf":

Nerf's new blaster vids and Asia Elite Alpha Trooper release info - soon?

My physio is taking me a while to work thru all my emails, so bear with me folks!

First I want to thank everyone for the well wishes, and also to all the new contacts i've made for making the effort to keep me in the loop to help keep my readers updated.

Namely, my good friends over at HasbroHK updated me on some new blaster videos, which I have to say have been very nicely done :)

Check them out!

Nerf Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 UK release update

Ooooh how you play with our hearts Mr Elite Alpha Trooper
Nerf N-Strike Blaster - Available 1st March.   £19.99

Product description / spec
Nerf guns provide hours of fun! With darts that fire up to 75 foot you can launch a long distance ambush on unsuspecting friends and relatives. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Alpha comes with 12 darts and has a dart clip for efficient reloading so the action doesn't have to stop!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Step this way for your Nerf pSyk evaluation 101

Some Internet celebrity (not limited to Nerf) you just love instantly. They might be on the other side of the world, you might not ever need to meet them in person, but you connect with them in a way it's an unsaid rule of mutual respect. This interview is in the same league like the many others I've done so far :)

You guys should know the drill by now, I am a self confessed movie nut, and watching this actor actually inspired me to take a deep breath and approach for some face time - and I know you guys are gonna be mad Jelly, but chill, and read on!

The movie marathon that I mentioned I was watching was by the awesome director John Woo - 'Hard Boiled (1992)'. It's very roughly about someone who has a hard time, and despite many chances to quit, carries on and pulls through. 

The second movie was by a personal favourite - the brilliant director Ang Lee - 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)'. It's a much the same story about a skilled craftsman with a healthy edge of experience, attention to detail and an accuracy few can pull off in his trade.

These guys have a special quality, and a uniqueness to not only their approach with the projects they undertake, but they way they captivate their audience.

This individual is very much the essence of what I talked about.

Now I got to be honest, when I saw his YouTube channel, I was inspired...