Friday, 1 February 2013

Urban Taggers.: 2013 Super Soakers: spotted Virginia USA

Our friends at Urban Taggers got a scoop on some of the new 2013 Super Soaker range coming to a summer party near you!

Credits to Tamil who sent in these pics to Urban Taggers

Urban Taggers.: 2013 Super Soakers: spotted Virginia USA: It may officially still Winter in the US, but apparently the new Super Soaker line is already making it to the shelves. These ones were ...

Also our good friend Jason @Basic Nerf also bumped into them in California whilst on a trip to Target for camera related adventures.

Unfortunately in the UK, Super Soakers are a little limited with us having flash Indian summers, but they still make an appearance at a garden or park near you :)

I specially like the way they have advanced the Switch Shot with a 4 method firing style. Advances like this, always mean good things for their other lines! Pumped for Nerf 2013


  1. I saw those three weeks ago here in Ocean Springs, MS and posted about them (including front and back packaging pictures) on the Nerf Wiki site, but of course, no one bothered to acknowledge that.

    1. Hi Matt - apologies I was not aware of that, appreciate if you can link me, I will amend my post. Cheers !

  2. I really hope the Switch Shot is decent, because I want to make it my primary. Yes, that's the dumbest thing to do when you have a Vanquisher, Gorgon, and a Colossus laying in your house somewhere. The thing is that, you have quick reloading clips and even a big backpack. Really wish Buzz Bee can remake a Backpack or make them clip compatible by using high capacity clips (when I mean high, I mean HIGH CAPACITY). Nerf has a good idea going with this but they need Air Pressured water blaster including using their CPS power that have now. If they are never going to use the CPS Power, they should give it to Buzz Bee Toys. They actually some of the old Larami Workers! I'm no 90's kid, but Nerf needs to bring back the old Soakers! Is it too late for you to ask Hasbro this? If it isn't, tell Nerf to give kids what they want. They have the best design ideas, but I think everybody is tired of Pistons. Make something like Super Soaker Elite. The Super Soaker X-Treme but there is nothing "X-Treme" in it.

  3. Saw these in wal marts and targets in the Des Moines, Iowa area