Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Typos R Us throws up Nerf Elite PRO Firestrike Double Dart listing

Just like the Nerf Elite Strongarm Double Dark listing that good friend BasicNerf notified us about, Toys R Typos have thrown up a listing for the Nerf Elite PRO Firestrike Double Dart.

For those not in the know, they recently threw up a listing without a picture called the Nerf Elite Strongarm Double Dark (thanks to good friend BasicNerf for the heads up on this originally).

I assumed this was a typo simply meaning Dart not Dark. True enough, they threw up the picture confirming this:

The Nerf Elite Strongarm Double DART comes with 12 Elite darts @$14.99

This is a pic that has popped up from a Nerf fan recently, showing clearly the package deal:
Photo credit to BasicNerf

So the listing I spoke about before is below, it's nice that they are starting to beef up the Dart quantity in packages - because let's face it we need them! :)

Nerf Double Dart Elite Firestrike

Our Price: $12.99
  • A3184090

  • (Note the Specification description of the Firestrike - PRO)

    I have also been sent emails about Clear Firestrikes and Retaliators - since we haven't been given any pics I think this is just hearsay.

    UPDATE: 27/2/2013 - I spoke with Toys R Us yesterday, who confirmed that the only typo is in Nerf, and the PRO does not stand for Product, or Promotion. It is the products name. Plot thickens eh?


    1. Teasing us again hey Ash? Hmmm Elite PRO....hmmmm????

    2. i'm assuming this is your NDA stuff you were talking about at the toy fair telling us to get our sniper scopes ready.

    3. I think we can disregard the 'PRO' thing as another typo. There's a similar Stryfe listing that says 'NER STRYFE PROMO'. > http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=17996216

    4. Hey MyLastDart,

      Can you give me credit for the photo in the post? That was one I took myself. Thanks man.