Thursday, 21 February 2013

Teens follow fathers footsteps - First US Nerf Rental business!

So working thru my emails, I found this email from Chase and Sterling from the US who follow the footsteps of their father - the First US Nerf Rental business!, is an online service that provides NERF® blaster rentals for parties and corporate events anywhere in the United States. The rental service provides one week of usage for a variety of different NERF blaster products at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the products. The service came about from Chase and Sterling Jones, who are the teenage sons of entrepreneur David Jones - owner of  I asked them how this idea came about:
"We started with the idea of renting out our NERF collection to neighborhood friends and our father helped us take it national." said Chase Jones, co-founder of, "My dad wasn't going to buy the inventory we needed if we didn't have the weekly demand so a website and UPS fixed that!"

The service is on fans passion for NERF blaster foam battle and when planning a party or corporate event, it may be hard to gather enough for everyone and not practical to purchase in bulk for one event. By offering the one week rental at an affordable price, parents, kids and companies may enjoy fun and team building without the hassle of buying. The service also counts on the sturdiness of the products and trustworthiness of it's customers to return the guns in good condition. I asked Sterling what the best part of starting the business is for him?
"The best part of starting is the chance to test the products but learning how to build a business is pretty cool too." said Sterling Jones, co-founder of is currently run out of a garage in Dallas, TX USA. Chase and Sterling Jones are currently in 9th and 8th grade respectively in Highland Park School District, and working hard on their studies. Whilst it would be nice to run this as a full-time business, their studies are priority.

For further information, please check the details below: Chase Jones
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  1. Most of the "party pictures" on their website are just random pictures of people holding Nerf guns that can be found from a Google search. They probably just Googled pictures of people with Nerf guns and posted them on their site. LOL