Thursday, 7 February 2013

NERF N-STRIKE Elite TRIAD EX-3 Blaster 4 Pack Value Pack

Many thanks to reader Matthew Johnson for sending me this:

NERF N-STRIKE Elite TRIAD EX-3 Blaster 4 Pack Value Pack Price: $26.99
Put some serious blasting power in your pocket with the TRIAD EX-3 blaster! Don't let this 3-dart blaster's micro size fool you - it's small but mighty, with the same long-range power as other N-STRIKE Elite blasters (sold separately). Its smart technology tells it which barrel is loaded so you can fire it with confidence. And its small size lets you conceal the blaster in the palm of your hand or a pocket, then draw fast for the element of surprise! Pull down the cocking handle to ready your shot, then fire when it's time to take down your target! Micro TRIAD EX-3 blasters has mega power! Includes 3 Elite darts per pack. Blaster knows which barrel is loaded! Fires darts up to 75 feet! Cocking handle readies your shot! Includes blaster and 3 Elite darts per pack. Ages 8 and up.
 CAUTION: To Avoid Injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blasters.

 CAUTION: Do NOT aim at eyes or face.

Bit of an upgrade to the Xmas Clue Elimination pack we saw end of 2012, right?

I think this is an absolute steal, since the average price for a Triad is around $10.00+/-.  It's also nice to note that Hasbro are taking a little more time over the Feature information explaining in a simple-but-detailed-enough way to understand that this is a blaster with a difference. They go out of their way to explain it has new smart internals. With Hasbro confirming they will discontinue the old N-Strike line (yellow = dead), more Value Packs will become common. That's good for us Stock players and Modders can push the boat out and go a little extra crazy :)

I guess the feature confirmation also helps go towards deciding who is the older brother of the Jolt (with Reflex IX-1 in close running). I hope to see this in UK stores, but for now, a complete steal for our US Nerf fans :)

Props to Matthew Johnson again - let me know if this is something you guys will pick up yourself?


  1. Not that much of a steal here, I just saw the Triad at Target last night for $6.99 (my local one just got those and the Elite Rayven in). So you're saving a whole $1.03, or just over 25 cents each.