Friday, 8 February 2013

If you can't beat Nerf, join (cough*copy*cough) them!

This is something our good friend Basic Nerf picked up on - I personally think it's terrible. No it's worse than that. It's a terrible knock-off.

What really gets me, is that Buzz Bee are in the market to be a competitor.

Surely from self respect (and for fans?) they should up their game?

Their whole design team needs a complete overhaul, there is no argument there. Okok I accept it's at sale for $5 or something low as that. They sell enough they can put that money to good use.

I think it's almost a long winded way around what could be a simple straight forward redesign and kick some ass.

Here are the images, which resemble a shocking likeness to the Nerf Elite Strongarm with the N-Strike Spectre loadout.

Tek 5:

Blasts darts up to 30 feet
  • Flip out 5 chamber rotating barrel to load darts into
  • Auto indexing barrel
  • Includes 5 foam darts
  • Ages 5 and up
  • Item 40300

    They plug 30ft range as a good thing..!! Now honestly speaking, Nerf Elite ranges are touch and go on some blasters. No denying that, but we can get up to 75 ft. We have to arc the shots on Stock blasters yep (modded lets not even go there!) but year on year we have seen Nerf outdo themselves. I don't know personally, but i'm going to assume (dangerous I know!) that Buzz Bee have some kind of mod community also. I'm pretty sure this is the case. What I don't know is why we don't see more of these blasters around. Maybe i'm up in cloud Nerfland too much.

    Bottom line is get some creative art in, throw some fan competitions to get a blaster designed, but do something, and something fast! Competition is a GOOD thing for Hasbro. If they start to get lazy, or slip up, others can pick up the slack and get some support on their own products. It keeps Hasbro running on track - and running hard.

    I guess if you can't beat them... join(copy) them!   ;)  'Nerf or Nothin' is something they are taking quite literally! What are your thoughts on this?


    1. We don't buy very many Buzz Bee blasters at all in our house, but we do have a few (mainly ones we get at thrift stores). I did just get an Overlord for our boys for their birthday, can't wait to get it out next weekend when we have their party. I intend to put it side by side with the Vulcan and see how they work out against each other. I do really like the Range Master as well, and it gets close to Elite ranges when you pump it up enough. This Tek 5 (a name they have reused from the original name for the Rapid Fire lever action blaster) is an utter joke though.

    2. I thought with the new models Range Master, Panther and so on, Buzzbee would evolve to a real competitor... But this shows that they're happy in the low price-segment of blasters.

    3. Hi!

      This is hoellenhamster from

      I feel like you are not doing Buzz Bee justice. They have designed some incredibly awesome and innovative blasters that Nerf was struggling for a long time to even compare to performance-wise. I would like to mention the Big Blast, the Berserker (and variations of the Berserker - Ultimate Berserker, Maniac, Barbarian and Ultimate Shocker), the Torrent, the Tetrastrike, the Range Master, the Rads 12 and the Panther. All of these are quite innovative and incredibly powerful (the Torrent and the Rads 12 being the exception performancewise - however they are examples of very cool and creative designs that no one else has done before).

      Now I agree that Buzz Bee has put out quite a few cheap not-so-great blasters but let's be honest - so has Nerf. The whole reverse plunger era that Nerf stretched out for years despite extremely negative feedback from almost every part of the community is a great example of this.

      Now Nerf has gone back to using medium-sized direct plungers and are pretending like that is a great innovation... The reason the new Elite Blasters get great ranges is because Nerf has gone back to the basics they were doing years ago and Buzz Bee never stopped doing - using direct plungers and putting O-Rings in there that actually fit the mechanism. In comparison every Buzz Bee plunger seal I have given a closer look had a perfect seal and most are capable of Elite ranges if tweaked a little.

      I feel you should look into Hasbro's history with Larami. Larami was the original company producing super-soaker water guns. Hasbro than bought the brand and started to produce super soaker (later under the Nerf label) using a inferior mechanism.
      Many of the people that were responsible for the awesome super soaker line of blasters under Larami then founded Buzz Bee. When Buzz Bee put out waterguns using the mechanism these people invented and used for years Hasbro sued for copyright.

      I feel like this is worth mentioning when talking like all Buzz Bee does is copying Nerf. I don't mean any offense to you, Ash. I really like your blog and admire the work you do - I am just trying to defend Buzz Bee (I think I once mentioned to you that I love them^^) from what I feel is a very one-sided way of viewing them.

    4. Clearly you've never heard of Leyuan/Zecong Toys...