Thursday, 28 February 2013

Funky Clear CS-18 mag clips sighted on Baidu

Thanks to Lamlamomo from the HvZ forums for this snap up of what appears to be legitimate Clear CS-18 clips.

They have the correct decals on them, and tho I have noted some Asian printer fanatics printing block black clips, they never print official N-Strike logos.

Baidu site showed Clear CS-18 clips before being taken down

Baidu site showed Clear CS-18 clips before being taken down
- notice the Legitimate decal markings of N-Strike and Nerf

I originally saw these at the London toy Fair, but they were complete block clear - with no decal at all. I simply assumed they were prototypes or just something they use when trialing/testing blasters.

Seems there is something more to this (the Nerf fan in me) and i'm hopeful it's real.

If you recall we saw something similar to this product line back in 2010 "Clear the Way N-Strike Stampede".

Of the top secret blasters I played with their aesthetic skin was set, with only internal changes on the board (which after fan feedback has put things in swing) and they would pack standard clips. I'm assuming this might have something to do with the rumoured Clear Firestrike and Retaliator.

Wait and see I guess folks! Is this something you want to see? Would this help you in battles (I know lefties will appreciate it!). Let me know so I can give feedback.


  1. But the Firestrike is a single shot muzzleloader - doesn't use the magazines... Love to get my hands on some of these!

  2. I'm pretty sure that the issue with the clear clips wasn't with left-handed users. In fact, I've got one loaded in my AT right now. Wielding it lefthanded means I can see my ammo count, but righthanded it's facing out where I can't see it...

  3. Man I'd LOVE to own these!
    Tell 'em, tell 'em!

  4. Less repaints, more original designs