Wednesday, 13 February 2013

For Nerf sake! Stampede ECS-50 (dead)-tease

Many a Nerf fan who is a sci-fi Star Trek fan, will know the final cursing words from 'Wrath of Khan' all too well:
"With my last breath, I stab at thee!"
- and no better case is that of the terrible love affair fans have with Hasbro Nerfs Stampede ECS-50.

Our good friends over at Urban Taggers had a fan contact them after they stumbled upon something of massive "close but no cigar" whilst site browsing HasbroToys for blaster manuals.

Manual shows user breakdown of the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50
Overall breakdown of how to load and insert the ESC-50 drum
A clear look at how a user would have loaded the ECS-50 drum
A closer look at the Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 drum

I was lucky enough to spend the day with a team of Engineers from Hasbro at the London Toy Fair 2013 back in January, and have the opportunity to play with a vast range of Top Secret N-Strike Blasters.

And whilst many fans are disappointed at the fact we will not be seeing an Elite Stampede, I will leave you with this teaser from my NDA - 18 darts in a Dead Mans Chest - does not take Rambo long to expend <wink>

The full manual can be found here

EDIT: speaking to Hasbro, it would appear that the reason it was scrapped was because they could not figure out how to make it cycle correctly, and when it jammed, it put the user at risk of losing a finger when unjamming it failed and you were forced to stick fingers in.

Also the size made the weight overall impossible for kids to wield.

I honestly think they should let some modsmiths have a crack at it and make it work. Kinda like a modding Justice League :P


  1. Its a new vulcan isn't it?
    Because this
    "Q: Will there be a new version of the belt fed Havok (Vulcan) using elite darts
    A: No comment"

    plus this
    "100 darts in a dead mans chest - does not take Rambo long to expend"

    Equals new vulcan.

    1. You sound like you're looking forward to this - is it a type of blaster you have wanted for a long time? Did you try/buy the Stampede/Vulcan yourself?

  2. New Vulcan?

    Meh, no thanks. There is a reason why you never see people using them unless it is for lulz inside an office or something.

    1. Hey NoM good to see you! Hows the email coming along? :) I would hang in there before making a decision - this is going to be a massive commission jobby for you ;)

    2. Stock Vulcan? I can understand, that is definitely quite useless.

      However, once a Vulcan has been given the M60 treatment with a stock, pistol grip and ammo can and internally upgraded to Elite-spec velocity and about 600RPM cyclic... I have showed up at stock class wars and simply broken the game SO hard it's not even fun after a while.

      Nerf machine guns done correctly are not a joke.

  3. however if it uses a flywheel system the new vulcan will be very similar to the buzz bee vulcan-esk blasters.

  4. Rambo used a m60, at the end of firstblood and rambo firstblood part 2. It wont be a elite vulcan or a stampede. It will be a belt fed stampede style blaster. A combination of both the vulcan and the stampede.

    1. Think you are the first to mention / realise this - keep it going!

    2. Actually, no MLD, I've mentioned that several times after Nerf's "Rambo" comments. Even on your Facebook page, if I'm not mistaken.

    3. Ah ha I thought it was you who left that comment! Apologies.

  5. Belts :(
    Clumsy, heavy and slow to refill.

    I'll take clips any day. Hopefully this thing will either have a 100 clip, some form of beltless feed system, or be flywheel so a clip mod isn't too hard. Will be very disappointed if nerf go down that route again.

    1. Far from clumsy good Sir, some good points already noted here, work and develop them and you might be surprised :)

    2. Belts are not clumsy nor heavy unless poorly designed or managed.

      The entire purpose of belt feed is to provide a simple and space-efficient means to feed very large quantities of ammo continuously. It does make reloading more difficult, but that is a moot point. Aside from gearing up prior to a firefight when reload time does not matter, belt feed used correctly flat-out ELIMINATES reloading, and thus reload time.

      Unfortunately the Vulcan gave belt feed a bad name in nerf, because it did not take advantage of having belt feed. The stock ammo can was far too small and many people simply used 25-round segments in their Vulcans, which made belt feed pointless.

  6. I would be extremely disappointed if any of the large blasters were flywheel.

  7. Im wondering if the secret blaster uses larger ammo. Ash did mention before that were gonna need bigger stefans, I hope he wasnt referring to the arrows of the blazing bow.

  8. I wonder if the old schematic for the clip fed vulcan will have any influence on what the new blaster is?

  9. I'm predicting an nstrike mega line and the blazing bow is the first reveal to be followed by more blasters that use a bigger than clip dart ammo.

  10. vulcan design with 35 dart drum.

  11. The blaster Lion Paw is talking about that uses large ammo is the Centurion. The real secret blaster is the RapidStrike CS-18. I wrote an article about it on the Nerf Wiki, but it got deleted instantly. I resurrected it, and made some improvements.

    Here it is:

    The RapidStrike CS-18 is going to be another NSE blaster, but will be to NSE what the Stampede ECS(-50) was to N-Strike.

    There is some speculation as to what size of battery it will use. There are three options that Hasbro might choose.

    The first option is that it will use four “C” cell batteries. If so, the boxy area under the barrel will be for the batteries, the secondary trigger will spool up the fly-wheels, and the primary trigger will activate some sort of full-auto dart pusher. This is the most likely route Hasbro will go.

    The second option is that it will use four “AA” batteries. If so, the batteries will be somewhere, the boxy area will be a grenade launcher firing a Mega dart; there is a button-type trigger on the left side of the boxy area, near the black, curved grip; the primary trigger will spool up the fly-wheels, and the primary trigger will activate a full-auto dart pusher.

    The third and final option is another “AA” batteries with a grenade launcher option. Here, the secondary trigger fires the grenade launcher and the primary trigger operates some sort of automated Retaliator-style setup, like what the Stampede did for the Longshot. This is the least likely option, but it would be the most spectacular. And, we wouldn't have to get 4 blasters to assemble an assault rifle with an extra gun under the barrel. (Stryfe for main gun, Retaliator for barrel, Stockade for stock, and Roughcut for Masterkey)

    People have been thinking the fact that the stock is collapsible cancels out the possibility that the RapidStrike uses a direct plunger system, but there is plenty of room in the receiver for both the stock and a Retaliator-style air system. The gears, motors, and such would in this case would be small, but the fact that the Retaliator is as small as the Recon, yet it shoots well over two times as far as the Longshot. should prove the point.

    One point that might be a safety concern is that there are what look like two sharp points. These probably are rounded off in reality and should be no safety concern. The only exceptions to this rule are sickos looking for a way to injure themselves and get some money.

    If the RapidStrike does come out, it will be epic! In fact, this is going to put the “fun” in “fun-sized”!

    Unfortunately, I couldn't include my pictures of it.
    Lord of the Foams