Sunday, 3 February 2013

Elite color Barrel-Break-IX2 AND Dart Tag Snapfire 8 spotted at ToysRus

In true fashion, looks like ToysRus are trigger happy on releasing pics of the Elite Barrel-Break
That's all I can release now until I check my NDA.

But I think this is simply a case of sexing up the end of line N-Strike to shift them quicker. Hasbro has stated they're discontinuing the N-Strike (yellow scheme blasters), but take a close look at the pics for a better answer. According to my sources we can expect an Elite colour Spectre and Deploy - why I don't know... but I want that barrel extension haha

 Elite COLOUR Barrel Break-IX2 with 10 Elite Darts
N-Strike Barrel Break-IX2 came with Dart Holder accessory and 8 Darts

Not to be missed is also the introduction of the much awaited Dart Tag Snapfire 8, which has eluded many Dart Tag fans in the US:
I believe this is a chance for Nerf fans to inject a reason for TRUus to reintroduce the Dart Tag tournaments - so get buying peeps!!


  1. What the hell? how was this possible?

  2. Elite Barricade or Elite (Colored) Barrel Break, sounds simmiliar looks different and one has a bit more inpact then the other! :P

  3. I won't get it. The best part was the dart holder on top. Clearly it's not there.

  4. Looks like this might just be a repainting, not a elite blaster, as the blaster does not feature the elite logo. Another thing that might support this is the fact that the box does not feature the new "Multishot Madness" logo on the box, which the Rough Cut and Diatron had.

  5. Yep, its just a repaint like the "Elite" Jolt and the "Elite" Reflex. No performance upgrade so it is just N-strike ranges. However, this means that Walmart will get an exclusive repaint as well. I wonder what the Elite Spectre will look like...

  6. @Mylastdart

    Does this happen to be one of those things you were "super stoked" about? I would sure hope not as the Barrel Break is completely outclassed by the Rough Cut.

    Also, no point in releasing an 'Elite Spectre' as it's more or less a weakened Strongarm with one less barrel and the ability to accept a barrel extension/stock. Only reason I'd buy it would be if it came with some decent accessories.

    1. Definitely not my friend, I think this is a simple drive to sex up dead n-strike range.

  7. Well the only thing that can point towards an ammo holder is the ammount of darts included.

    Generally a Blaster only comes with the max it can carry (Save for small single shot blasters that often come with two extras)
    On the box it reads that there are 10 darts included, take away two that would go into the barrel ... that leaves eight right?
    Guess how much darts fit on the ammo holder...

    Yeah its a shot in the dark, but who knows.