Thursday, 21 February 2013

2013 Nerf Vortex XLR Special Edition Discs & UK Revonix360 update - all kicking off for 2013 Fall!

I actually had this email sitting in my inbox yesterday, but was unable to get to writing it up as I had day surgery on my back. Back home and alive and kicking - a brilliant new friend by an Urban Taggers follower who gave a heads up regarding the pop-up of the new 2013 Special Edition Nerf XLR Vortex discs, on Hungarian website

Special Edition Nerf Vortex Blue Camo XLR Disc

Special Edition Nerf Vortex Red Camo XLR Disc

Our dear old friend Nerf Vortex Nitron teasing with what is to come - a Shield
Our good friend Jason over at Basic Nerf, also confirmed with Hasbro US that fans in the States can expect them in Fall 2013.

This is the actual email yesterday from Hasbro UK about the sales description:


Freestyle foam disc blasting is the name of the game with NERF VORTEX blasters in 2013. The VORTEX XLR discs encourage creative NERF blasting fun with their ability to bank, curve, ricochet and catch big air. The VORTEX REVONIX360 blaster boasts ranges of up to 70 feet, the farthest distance of any VORTEX blaster yet. With the single pull of a trigger, the VORTEX DIATRON blaster fires two discs. Bend the rules of NERF foam fun with the VORTEX line!"

What we are yet to see are the Green Camo, Desert Camo, Metal Storm Camo shade discs that I played with at the London Toy Fair back on 22nd January.

Also to note here is the first official Hasbro UK 2013 Nerf Vortex Revonix360 sales description for all UK fans:


(HASBRO/Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: £39.99/Available: Fall 2013) 
Amp up freestyle foam blasting performance with the NERF VORTEX REVONIX360 blaster which achieves the farthest VORTEX distance yet, up to 70 feet! This disc blaster features new, awesome deco and has a revolving drum that rotates each time you fire the blaster.  Plus, the SLAM FIRE Handle gives you total control over your rate of fire – blast a single shot or hold the trigger down and slide the handle repeatedly to unleash an unstoppable stream of discs.  Includes 30 multi-color XLR discs. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and"
I can also confirm there will indeed be 3 variant shield accessories - 1 which has never been seen before, and Stock variants - again one of which has never been seen before! Will keep you posted and hope for picture release soon from my NDA. Stay tuned folks! What would you hope to see in the next Stock and Shield?

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  1. I dont care much for shields, but a nice sturdy stock, for the vortex line, hopefully one that can hold more than one vortex clip....oh and ill need it by next weekend....thanks! :-)