Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wrap up to 2012! More to come in 2013!

Hi guys!

I just want to start this post off with a MASSIVE....

I have been pretty swept off my feet with the massive show of support in the short time I have been doing this blog.

I started playing with Nerf back in the 90s with my brothers and friends or school buddies. some 20 years later i'm still at it! You can never be too old to Nerf :)
My blog just hit over 2000 page views in just over a month (tho Analytics says 4.500?!), which is awesome (for me anyway!) so a lot of you must think i'm doing something worth following to read and watch!

I mentioned reading - my Twitter Account has got a quick following, and retweet/follows from a few celebrities like pop band OneDirection, the recording artist Example and my hero Edward J Olamos (Admiral Adama from Battlestar Galactica!!!!). I almost died when I saw that. (Edwards follow not OneDirections. lol).

Speaking of videos, my YouTube Channel has also got a ton of hits and 'Like's and Subscriptions - I really do thank you all for this support! I will most definitely be having a New Years giveaway, and since I have a worldwide following, it will be open to everywhere :) It's me giving back something to you all!

I never thought of making a Facebook Page - 'Fans of Nerf', but i'm glad I have. It's a brilliant way for me to share all the news, reviews and mods with so many other Nerf fans who love the hobby as much as I do! It's also been a great way for me to reach out and get in touch with a lot of people about getting advice and help on what I do. Again THANK YOU to everyone for supporting me on this!

Another main highlight for me has been Brands taking notice. Hasbro UK liked what I do so much, that they agreed to setting up a relationship! They sent me my first suprise package back on 22nd December (review can be found here).

What kind of year has it been for Nerf?

It has been a very busy year! 2012 being the 43rd year of Nerf (Happy 43rd birthday Nerf!).

They officially launched the N-Strike series along with the 'Light It Up' and 'Firevision Sports' lines.

'The 'Light It Up' featured the use of Firefly Tech clips, magazines and ammunition. Light It Up blasters have their own unique color scheme, featuring a lime-green, orange, and gray theme.

The Firevision Sports product line was made specifically for use during both day and night. the products use special reflective materials that, when used with Firevision Sports Frames, will "glow" with their respective team color.

It is worth also noting, that they did not hold a 2012 Dart Tag League for reasons unknown to us.

*The ranges opened up with giving us the following:
(N-Strike: Big Bad Bow - Hawkeye)
(N-Strike Elite: Rapid Strike Mission Kit)
(Vortex: Lumitron)
(N-Strike: Ninja Commando Blaster)
(Vortex: Praxis Sonic)
(Vortex: Pyragon)
(N-Strike Elite: Rampage)
(LightItUp: Rayven CS-18)
(N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest)
(Vortex: Vigilon Sonic)
Finally we have the Super Soaker range making some new appearances:
(Super Soaker: Electrostorm)
(Super Soaker: Lightningstorm)

(Super Soaker: Microburst)
What a brilliant 2012 it was for Nerf and us Nerfers! Those blasters really changed how we look at battles and hvZ games.
*So closing the year, we had a mix of pre-New Year releases popping up all over the globe from the 2013 N-Strike, Elite and Vortex ranges:
(N-Strike: Jolt)
(N-Strike Elite: Rough Cut 2x4)
(N-Strike Elite: Rayven CS-18)
(Vortex: Diatron)
WOW. That is all I can say, Hasbro Nerf have been EXTREMELY busy with the 2013 range. Speaking from the new smart internals to the reshells and colour schemes. The Digital Camo has become more prevelant, and the 75'' Elite Range has more or less been true to form, and something that we have lacked (unless you modded). The AR systems had a work over and were tightened up to the delight to the Mod community as much as the Stock gamers.
So what does 2013 hold for Hasbro Nerf? Well it's their 44th anniversary year, plus The Toy Fair will be held in New York City in February. More info to come!
Thats all folks, good luck, take care, and THANK YOU again for supporting me! We have a busy year coming up I know it ;)

*credits to WikiNerf

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