Thursday, 3 January 2013

Winter camp keeps kids busy!

Hey guys,

As of late, I'm sure like you, I've been getting a little tired of all this bashing on Nerf and toy blasters in general.

I've tracked down some 'feel good' stories as of late, and glad to say this is another positive one.

Camp Loughridge in the US runs both Summer and Winter camps. These run for ages of 5-17s, with activities including Nerf Wars, Kyaking, Court/Field sports, go-karts, go-caving, mountain biking and so much more!

A small snippet from the article:

Seven-year-old Emma Fields and 9-year-old Jackson Shofner said their experience at winter camp has been "awesome."

"I told my mom I really liked the summer camp, so she looked up to see if there was a winter camp," Jackson said.

Both said they would likely be at home just sitting on the couch watching television if it weren't for winter camp.

Emma said she liked watching movies and eating popcorn, and Jackson said he's enjoyed having Nerf gunbattles and playing charades for the first time.

"You stay more inside and have a little more free time," he said.

The summer camps host about 300 children a week, but the winter camp this year has had a maximum of 25 children per day.

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