Saturday, 5 January 2013

Will Nerf make my child a terrorist?

An interesting article by the child pyschiatrists regarding kids playing with toy blasters.

Will Nerf make my child a terrorist?

Clearly they feel its about the parents responsibility to teach a child right from wrong. Good and bad. Respect for themselves and others. Thru responsible teachings from adults and parents, we give children the right tools to make the right decisions, choose right from wrong, and ultimately respect themselves and others around them.

A lot of people say it is lack of religion and the need for more policing. But in my opinion it is down to the parents to teach their children the moral lessons that they have been taught by their own parents and peers.

Here is a response I got from a community that is run by Kidult (grown ups but still kids at heart) Nerf fans:

I think they hit the nail on the head very well - what do you think?
Check out Adult Fans of Nerf website, its a brilliant source of knowledge and interaction for Nerf fans :)


  1. Nerf guns won't just make your child a terrorist, it will turn them in to two terrorist midgets in a suit! THE HORROR!
    Seriously, why don't people just use common sense...

  2. I've been reading a few articles of this subject, and what the HELL are these people thinking?! Seven year old geetting suspended for eating his pop tart into a shape of a gun. Seven year old suspended for shaping his hand into a gun and saying "POW". Teen getting suspended for having a wallpaper of a gun on his computer. I've lost all respect for America.