Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why toy Nerf guns can be good for kids

I have been following Petula Dvorak on my professional LinkedIn account for as long as I can remember, and have been a fan of her honest thorough-thought provoking style of writing. It made me smile when I saw her write this article about Nerf - I knew it was going be a good read - more later on this.

Since starting this Nerf blog, I have had the opportunity to bring a lot of Nerf related news to you all, and i'm glad for all the support and messages.

One in particular thing that I have been thinking of posting about is praise from others in my position in the Nerf community. I was pretty gobsmacked when I saw this message on our Facebook page:

I can't explain how super happy I was to hear this.

That others who I look up to like what I do. To see Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag (Nerf Wars, HvZ) to say this is pretty awesome. Like I said these folks are like Nerf royalty :) And then to see Squadron of Foam Tasmania (S.O.F.T.) to come along and agree with Neils statement is like "Woah! pinch me seriously!". Even BasicNerf said he likes what he reads :)
That's my positive from Nerf. 
Just like the Students of New Trier state school in the US. They use Nerf wars to socialise with everyone in their school. They have set up leagues across all the Grades, so everyone gets a chance to interact on a fun activity. Perfect. We can all relate, we play Nerf with friends, family, even at Xmas on Twitter so many families playing Nerf wars. Made me happy to see them having that fun :)
This actually reminds me of recently meeting up with an old friend I have not seen for a while. One of those guilty kind of friendships of "omg haven't seen you in ages! <insert brief chat spying the closing doors on the train> lets do coffee!" and a couple of days pass, then weeks, then months, and a few years later you bump into each other and wonder "what happened to that coffee??"
Maybe i'm special and I remember conversations. I mentioned in the brief conversation I lived in an apartment in London - it means an apartment.
Zooming back to the coffee shop now. My friend asked me how long I have been living in a house in London? It might be a home, but it's an apartment. Honestly though, we all do it. Simplify things for the sake of it.
But after the terrible events in America recently at Sandy Hook school, you would think people in the Press would be more specific than brush over details? No wonder you get stories like Newtown massacre parents lobby for toy gun ban and in Australia War against toy guns.
It's about teaching kids respect from a young age, for themselves and others around them. Teaching them right from wrong. To talk out problems than lashing out. It's fine to blame a shooter for killing people, but what about the people responsible for them? Where were the people to teach them basic morals of love, respect and righteousness? If there is a break down, we need to address that net to stop people falling thru and doing these terrible acts.
Here is a Tweet from Adult Fans of Nerf:
I think they said it all.
I (hate this term!) "toy guns". They are technically blasters. Nerf blasters.

Pretty clear to me which is a toy blaster, and which is a real gun. 
So back to the article. Have a good read of it, and tell me what you think. Why toy guns can be good for kids.


  1. Really good article. As a mother myself I find the whole 'ban toy guns' thing ridiculous to say the least. It's almost like these knee-jerk reactions have no logic, no thought put into them. I often wonder if some of these righteous types don't really care, they just want some column inches, as opposed to actually wanting to help.

    I'll stop now before I get into a rant ;p

  2. Thanks dude. It also feels good to be referred to as 'Nerf Royalty'.

    Seriously though, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi folks, and thank you Nerfenstein! Wow the First Lady of Nerf - or better the Queen of Nerf :)

    That means a lot to hear from Nerf Royaly that gives our community a lot of enjoyment back.

    I wanted to touch on something also. My nephew plays a lot of computer games, and whilst his skills of handbrake turns, and headshots are impressive, he's just a kid. I feel he is missing out on his childhood locking himself indoors all day.

    I bought him a load of Nerf blasters - dart tag sets for him and his Dad, the new Stryfe and Rayven (he wanted something glo-in-the-dark - perfect!).

    He is a healthy kid, but a little tubby :) With these presents, he is outside all day, making new friends, learning how to interact with children, speak to adults about things that bother him, rather than head straight to his Xbox to take out roadrage on the unsuspecting citizens of San Andreas.

    He has become more expressive and articulate with his language interacting with others. He has a slight speech impediment, so gets frustrated when people don't understand him. But he is learning how to deal with those frustrations better.

    He is getting fitter playing outside, and with all these sad events, i'm happy that toys like this can give so much back to a child when the world can take so much away.

    A point Lady Nerfenstein made is something I felt also. If you can take anything positive, and constructive from these terrible events, is to try to make society a better place. If the answer is to take things away, they are not addressing the real issues. Right?

  4. A comment from Facebook

    "Mohd Anif Juniday Very nice article! Keep up.the good work. I felt my spirit (and morale) got lifted again.

    NERF War, anyone?"

    A wonderful comment :) Better feeling than any money or Jellybean could ever bring. Wait. I took it a bit too far with the "Jellybean" comment right?

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