Sunday, 27 January 2013

When Nerf fans get nasty

I have been operating my blog for now what must be 6-7 weeks?

The support has been immense, and you can see how much this has grown in that time.

The support I have got from the community and Hasbro has been inspiring, and it has encouraged me to want to make it grow with a passion I share with all fans. Well nearly all fans.

Apologies to Nerf Mods & Reviews for this pic, to clarify - BlackBoarderV (now ex-mod on NM&R) had banned me at the time and was further slandering me with other hearsay from UK Nerf War.
I mentioned I was proud of my traffic - because it is an indicator to show the support from the community, and it would appear for some people it's not enough. They have to go ahead and steal it. I'm kindly requesting this be put right. They have mislead fans. That's not a prank, that's being malicious in whatever light it's painted in. If I wanted a billion hits i'd make a Psy Gangnam or Bieber blog.
In the background I have had some comments, and if you have read my about me section you will know I will not tolerate any bullying remarks made against me or others in any form. Blogging is a new thing for me and I have been overzealous and made mistakes. I admit that, and I have learnt how to better conduct myself in the NIC. What I post just shows my passion for it without any malicious intent, but it seems some do not like my passion or the way I run my blog. You Live, You Learn, and I have.
There is an element of healthy competition in the NIC (Nerf Internet Community) but this is taking it too far. Borderline malicious.
Thankfully fans who care about what I do have brought it to my attention that certain people are stealing my traffic and hits, namely by creating domain names in my name, referring back to themselves: and Try it yourself and let me know what you think.
I spoke to UK Nerf War only last night when I asked the question as to why he deemed my site to be unfit under his UK Nerf links section - it's his own perogative what he does and doesn't put there, I was simply seeking feedback. Clearly he didn't want readers to be aware of what they had done.
In essence this means they have tried to sabotage my hits and prevent me from owning my own domain name. I did not see this blog growing as quickly as it had done and certainly not more than this webspace but these guys see me going further than we both envisaged and want to  put a stop to it - if not take it for themselves. I can assure you that when you click on these links they are not me. And they are not affiliated with me.
These pranksters in all their wisdom have not protected their personal information, which I have noted. While it is not illegal to buy a domain name it is illegal to impersonate others; persons; groups; corporations; or brands; and to steal the aforementioned intellectual property rights (IP Law).
I urge the individuals to make an apology for their disgraceful actions and to put this right before I seek further litigiation on Monday morning.
Your comments are welcome.

As Chris Cartaya says:
Don't hate the hater, hate the hate.
(I saw the video, and was not quite sure what to say - was left further dumbfound when I saw "Drac going down" video...wth...)


  1. NM&R does not have anything to do with these domain purchases.

    As for the bans, I was told that they were because you kept plugging your site. I have lifted them, seeing as that's not exactly fair, but I'd like to ask that you do not go onto the chatbox just to do so. I think I can speak for some of the other sites online with this as well, seeing as so many people like to plug away with their sites.

    The online community likes new people. Without it, we'd be stale. Your coverage of the London Toy Fair was very much appreciated; this is why so many other blogs have created posts based on your posts.

    But there's kind of a point where you need to step back and let the people come to you, rather than going directly to them and throwing yourself in their faces.

    We would very much appreciate it if you'd remove this post because mudslinging isn't all that nice.

  2. what a crock of shit these aholes uk brat nerf are totally not reading their crap anymor bro is useless why even did you even bother to spend time there please keep nerfin yo

    1. Whilst this guys grammer and spelling is an assault on mine eyes (yes pun'd Dr Martin Luthor King), I agree wholeheartedly.

      No place for bullying in Nerf. It brings people together, not drives them apart. From on BSG fan to another - Stay strong! So say we all!

  3. Big fan of what you do MyLastDart, it honestly sucks what they have done, adding those UK morons to a block list and make sure I share the post to my readers.

    I was bullied in high school and I don't like what I see here, and i'm glad you have stood up for us. I let this stuff go on too long in high school and I have confidence issues now. Nerf helps me improve it.

    Bullying has no place anywhere. I never swear, but my God what a bunch of Jerks. Don't let this stop you.

  4. I spoke to community when I know when I say We love and Support you MyLastDart. Never once a bad word on all the great work you do for LARP and NIC, from all BSG fans know the idiom "Stay strong, So Say We All!"

    No to bullyies in Nerf!

  5. It is incredibly crappy of the guy running UKNerf blog to register those domains, clearly trying to steal traffic away from you. It's a dick move, nobody can dispute that and legally you could have a strong case.

    I think it's a separate issue though to being banned from a forum. It's a private forum and if you get banned, that's your issue to take up with them. Dragging the name of their site through the mud in a blog post is kinda petty.

    I come here for all the great nerf coverage you bring, not to see your squabbles. I empathise with you, I really do, but this is not the place for it.

  6. Hey MyLastDart,

    Please accept my humble apologies for what has happened over this.

    The domain purchases were made with the intention of being a childish prank and nothing more. I am sorry that you have taken offence. I feel terrible about it (and rightly so).

    I have been following your blog from the start and I have been really pleased to see that there is someone on this small island that has the same passion for nerf as I. It saddens me that this childish prank of mine has upset you and I hope that I have not done too much damage to our relationship.

    If I may, Id like to arrange to meet up at some point soon so that I can apologise in person and buy you a pint.

    I hope that together, we can continue to help build the nerf community in the UK and rebuild the relationship between the two of us.

    Please copy this apology to the main body of your post so that all may see it. I wish for my actions to be explained publicly and for my apology for this silly prank to be seen by all your readers.

    Thank you for your continued efforts and once again, I'm sorry.

  7. Dear MyLastDart,

    I guess my attempts at an apology have been futile, even though I've sent you it 5 times through different inboxes, So here is a public one to satisfy everyone.

    I am deeply sorry that I took this too far, I share responsibility with UKNW about the domains and its probably more my fault than his that he bought them.\

    It was as UKNW has said a 'stupid childish prank' and we shouldn't have done it.
    I also wish to note that you shouldn't blame any of the NM&R people for banning you, as it was in fact me, In a moment of stupidy, (as in not warning you, for reasons Jet has mentioned). I have since resigned my post as a moderator on the chat.

    I am ever so sorry for the issues I have caused you and I wish to make it up to you somehow. I did not do this to offend you, and I am deeply sorry for doing this.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. You're going to get hits either way, friend.
    Also It is nice to see public apologies on this page.
    Best of luck to you