Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wanna go Duck Hunt-ing with a Twitter-powered Nerf gun?

Wanna go Duck Hunt-ing with a Twitter-powered Nerf gun?

Well this innovator has created something definitely digitally interactive - with a modern fun Nerf spin :)

Center City-based marketing company Neiman Group made that happen last week: tweet with the #tweetoshoot hashtag and that would cause a Nerf dart to peg an old-fashioned NES duck from Duck Hunt. (These are the same people who used Foursquare checkins to gauge cheesesteak joint approval.)

More than 1,500 shots were fired via Twitter, spokeswoman Caitlin Vivian tells us. Check out an illustration of the gun in action below.


Neiman have launched a little projected called Tweet to Shoot. It’s a Twitter powered Nerf gun in their office that will be housed and functioning at tweettoshoot.neimanlabs.com. Why? Because of reasons.

Actually, according to Neiman, it’s because they’re doing something fun in order to explore bigger things. The idea of bringing the digital world into the physical one.

“We’ve identified several industries and brands that could benefit from a variation of this execution, and we’re hoping that we can find a brand who is willing to partner on a pilot project like this,”
“The innovation doesn’t stop at a Twitter-powered Nerf gun; rather, that’s where it starts.”
says George Ward of Neiman.

So load up the site and fire away. Use the hashtag #tweettoshoot to fire the gun, and follow @NeimanNerfGun to see when it is reloading.


Sadly, the project is now over, but it was a resounding success to see people interacting digitally. Brillaint stuff :)


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