Sunday, 6 January 2013

Uhm... what happened to copyright?

Don't you hate it when cheap knock offs come along? But when it's on this scale, what good is copyright?


Thanks for the heads up, got sent this link (thanks to Zheng Sen) about something that got him quite annoyed. The link is to the Chinese toy company Zecong Toys.. It will all make more sense when you click the link.
What do you guys think? I feel the Mod community will be pleased with cheaper parts, and they repaint most things anyhow. But in a market such as Asia, cheaper goods are better than expensive branded types.

A couple of comments I have had from modders, is that they have a hard enough time with some legit Nerf design products as it is, they don't need inferior/cheaper products making things worse - or being a complete waste of time using in mods.

I dont really know what to say.

Woooopeee cheap pinpoints?

Thats terrible I know, but when a company like Hasbro has built up its brand, it seems companies that have "obtained" the moulds have just found some kind of loophole and created their own brand of cheaper knocked off blasters.

I did a bit of research, and I found this: toy copyright simplified.
"Aesthetic aspects of Toys can be protectible by Design Patent or by Copyright. If a Toy becomes well known and its appearance is suggestive of or identifiable with a single source (i.e., the Inventor or Manufacturer), the appearance can also have protection as a Trademark or Trade Dress. (Possibly, the “Magic Eight Ball” could be an example."

Reading this makes it no better to be honest. I can't believe that Hasbro aren't aware of this so they aren't taking action. Nonetheless I have emailed them to make sure they do know about it.

I can see the point that its aesthetic appearance is similar but not exact to the Nerf brand of blasters, and so this is the loophole.

It's a terrible loop that's for sure.

But I guess I will leave you with one thing, that will make you smile.

They even hit Buzzbee :)


  1. The Longstrike/Stampede hybrid actually looks kinda neat. I wouldn't buy one, but perhaps a mod to hybridize the two blasters is in order.

  2. These have been looked at and reviewed by SGNerf and Psyk. From what they say the plastic is cheap, and so are the darts.

    It's sad but if you look at it, they change the shell and asthetics just enough to say "no it's totally different". Like in the case of that first picture... it's clearly a Stockade/Barricade. But it has the Recon Barrel fixed to the front and the Recon Stock... so it's not the same design spot for spot... same with the rest of them.

    Plus you got to import them from Singapore or China... so that's $$$ out the window for cheap crappy knockoffs.

  3. That Stampede/Longstrike looks actually pretty cool. I know it going to suck out of the box but like Max said, a proper Stampede mod will do.