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Teenage 'Paranoia': A Suburban Game of Nerf Guns

(Credit Kristen Goss)

.....and Optional Nudity.

Well, this is something interesting!

Around 150 students, ages 15 to 18 from New Trier state school in Winnetika, USA, have taken the whole world of Nerf War to another level!

The rules are simple elimination - with optional nudity. The team war runs 24/7 until there is a victor. You keep track of eliminations thru the official New Trier Sophomore Fb group. It can take up to 6-7 weeks to find out just who has won! These leagues run twice a year, at Winter and Spring fall.


That means you can be shot whilst you are in bed dreaming of how to spend your lottery win, shot in the shower, and even whilst you are walking home at night! there are no safe zones!

So why such crazy open-hunting rules?

In a bid to make a unified social community within the school, they are using this to make friends with all classes in the school, and lose the whole "Hey I recognise you, I think we went to the same school - but never spoke to you". It's an absolutely brilliant way to socialise with everyone in your school!

When it comes to camouflaging, that's in a league of it's own! The rules states that the open area includes inside peoples homes, bedrooms, bathroom and garden. That's quite something.

“This is the adrenaline you never get through school. It is fun playing against friends and going into their houses,”
“It makes it exciting [that] you could be waking up in the morning and someone could ambush you before you get into your car. Before you go to bed you have to make sure you lock up all the doors to make sure nobody breaks in.”

said Nate Goss, a junior at New Trier who was a commissioner of a league 2012.

The thing that immediately hit me was, that's a little dangerous - almost suicidal in America. Walking into a house you don't own or belong in day OR night to shoot someone with what looks like a gun.

Because of this, the parents must consent to the access. Still, this is something in the realm of crazy when gun laws allow everyone the right to carry live firearms - with a valid certificate and registered license.

Now I mentioned nudity. What does that even have to do in the world of Nerf Wars? Well one of the rules is that you are not allowed to shoot anyone who is naked. Jep. No clothes, nada.

“One of the rules is if you are naked you can’t be shot. Otherwise people can be shot anytime, anywhere,"

“I think the naked rule is funny because if someone is willing to be naked to avoid being shot, then good for them.”
said Jack Bear, a senior at New Trier.

Want to know more about this? Check out the Source here!

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