Friday, 4 January 2013

Takara-Tomy Nerf Shooting Pot 11 & Top Target

Well its got to be seen to be believed :)

Those crazy Japanese creators have given us (Well the Japanese/Asian market) a Takara-Tomy Nerf Shooting Pot 11 and Top Target !


There are a series of drums, rated from Easy, Medium, Hard. (Blue, Green, Red). To make things more interesting, they have opted you use certan blasters to get the challenges done! Think I need to find me some N-Strike blasters and have some fun :)
And whilst you are at it - check this out, an Official Nerf Shooting Range :)


Blow it up and print it out! I think we will be seeing a couple of these posted up with some suction-darts :)

Check these out, any of these Japanese N-Strike range and Japanese Vortex range blasters look familiar even if the name quite isnt? I LOVE the Retaliator colour scheme :)

1 comment:

  1. it was a gear up recon, not a retaliator. that wouldve been sick though..