Saturday, 5 January 2013

Student continues healing process post-crash

This is a story about a student who was involved in a motorcycle accident when he was struck by a truck. He suffered injury to his pelvis and brain.

Here is a small snip from the article:
After emerging from a coma Dec. 23, Fisher still sleeps about 20 hours a day, but his family sees many signs of his returning intelligence and personality, Hobbs said.
He can spell, is beginning to write and can feed himself. On Thursday, a friend brought a Nerf gun and Fisher happily used his motor skills to track people in his room and fire shots with impressive accuracy, Hobbs said.
Fisher will return to Chico later this month for surgery on his pelvis. Then he can re-learn to walk. "It's baby steps," Hobbs said. "It's him growing up again"


A sad story, but with a continuing positive outcome, i'm sure from all of us Nerf fans we wish Fisher the best of recovery.

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