Monday, 14 January 2013

RIP Nerf Elite Incinerator

Been tracking this for a while, and i'm glad to say, another rumour demon put to rest (like the 2013 Nerf Elite Counterstrike)

I called up ABGee, and said I was interested in stocking the item #285 53378 Nerf N-Strike Elite Incinerator:

I said I suspected it to the Nerf Elite Firestrike at that price, but needed a picture confirmation before I bought it in units to sell in my online shop UberShineyToyShop.
They got back to me after speaking directly to Hasbro to provide an official picture for this item they list as a Nerf Elite Incinerator.
It would appear to have got lost in translation from American English to British English.
It is as you can see, an Elite Firestrike. They gave me 2 other pics of a Nerf kid holding and priming the Firestrike.
Guess this puts the listing to bed. 

Hopefully we will see something at Toy Fair 2013, London Olympia 22-24 January -  don't forget still time to Ask Hasbro a question as I will be interviewing them about 2013-2014 products!


  1. Dang it. I expected a rapid fire air pressured pistol.

  2. JXL9 - lol I was expecting something with lots of rapid fire and glowie red lights lol :) What are you hoping for as new blasters this year?

    1. Not a fan of Air Blasters, but they should make a Clip version of the Rapid Fire AS-20 or Magstrike (with the clip system mech).

    2. Oooooh, that sounds awesome! I can imagine popping that full auto! you should be hired as a blaster weapons developer :)