Sunday, 6 January 2013

Reeboks creates Nerf inspired trainers!

Recently stumbled upon these whilst shopping with my nephew :)

Of ccourse he loved them, so I got him a pair! they are similar to the Nike KD 5 Energy trainers

They are the Reebok Vibe 2.0 trainers, they are really tough and put together well, and have the fun-factor of Nerf in them :) They sport the Nerf Grey, and Nerf Blazing Orange scheme.

He found them really comfy too, and they are ideal for him running around in day and night. They cost around £30 GBP, in the US price is around $45 USD.

They come in little and big kids sizes, so suitable for little kids and teens. Reebok also have another range for teen+ called Reebok Nerf Venture, pics below!
What you guys think? Will you pick up a pair? :)

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