Sunday, 13 January 2013

RANGE TEST: Nerf Elite Rayven vs.Original N-Strike Rayven

A great range test of the Nerf Elite Rayven vs the N-Strike Rayven by Griffin Mods.

This is a really thorough and concise range test by Griffin Mods. We can see that the Streamlines hit around the 40-50ish range arc-fired. The rate of fire on the N-Strike Rayven is good enough to pepper enemies at a distance do that's good enough honestly speaking when it comes to Streamlines.

The Elite Rayven is using the new Elite GITD darts, and easily achieve the 70-80ft range. Note that this is pretty much in the arc-fire range.

The weather seems pretty good, no sway from a breeze (camera picks that up well on sound).

So what can we say? Gogogo Elite power :)

I can't wait for mine :) Can you?


  1. Great blog btw!

    However, in this range comparison. You should of used normal GITD streamlines vs orange streamlines. Elite darts are known to be lighter, so therefore this test was abit off as both darts should have been the same weight. Maybe do another video to see whether they actually shoot the same or not by using the same "N-Strike Streamline Darts".

  2. Interesting. All of the reports I have heard so far observed little difference between the two.

    Hopefully we'll get a difinitive answer as more people get hold of them.

  3. sick blog bro, where you get them sticks from

  4. Hi Anon - Griffin chambered Streamlines in the Rayven and GITD with the Elite. He could of put regular Elite darts in the N-Strike Rayven tho I agree. It clearly shows tho that the Elite Rayven can hit the Elite ranges (that's most important thing).

    Hello Cole - thanks for the comment, if you are in the States check Target, Kmart, TRU they hold a decent stock. (Target are doing really well in stocking things quickly).

  5. Greetings from all way Wiesbaden Germany.

    We are big fan of you work. Please keep up the motion of work.


  6. Huhu wie gehts Zander :) was los?

    Meine deutsche keine eis baer. ^^

    Danke schon fur die komment :)



    my german is still weak, i only learnt the essentials of asking tp or join games etc^^ it playing D2 with the GERBarb and GERMania project :)

  7. is range of the elite rayven better than stryfe and hailfire? nerf wiki stated that elite rayven can fire 60-65 feet. those who have the elite rayven or tried it please tell me... thanks :)