Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Elite Scout... sorry nasty knock off

Posted by Chow Fook Cheong, writer of the hilarious diary of a Support Engineer - Oh!pEnions he posted a pics and a break down of what at first appeared to be an Elite Scout.

With SDL also pumping out shady knock offs, but they have better AR, tight seals and great plungers, their ranges are impressive.

Credit: Chow Fook Cheong
Something tells me this is not the last of nasty fakes and knock offs. With Chinese manufacturers realising that the world is crazy for Elite colour Nerf blasters, they will do what they can to cash in fast.
Similar to the other rumoured Nerf Elites: 2013 Nerf Elite Incinerator and 2013 Nerf Elite Counterstrike

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  1. Just saying, that's not new at all, it's been around for years.


    Also, not every knock-off is made by SDL, there are hundreds of thousands of companies out there doing this. Don't just assume SDL made this, because they didn't. The performance in this particular knockoff is also much worse than the original.