Friday, 11 January 2013

New 2013 Nerf Elite Counterstrike blaster? Don't get too happy!

A fan in Portugal recently asked if they might have a list of Elite product dates for retail release in Portugal.

He was sent an email with this list:
He asked me if I knew anymore on this item - it didn't sound like a name they would choose to be honest. I got in touch with suspecting this was more likely a case of lost in translation from American English to Portuguese to English ( the Nerf Elite Incinerator).

Honestly did think back to my Steam CS days... I would not mind a full automatic one of these is the image that rushed thru my mind:

(Elite Stryfe with accessories)


That sid I emailed them myself - they emailed me back to say apologies for the listing error, it is infact the Elite Firestrike
They said it has popped up on a few Latin sites (Brazilian, Mexican, Columbian, Portuguese), stating that it is a product list that the Hasbro Latin sites had circulating. It has now been amended, and they apologise for any confusion.
I got them to confirm that the Elite range will mostly be available in Portugal March time 2013.
Thanks to @NerfJSSG for the heads up, close but no cigar.
Hopefully we will see something at Toy Fair 22-24 Jan 2013, London Olympia which is nearly 3 weeks before the Toy Fair 2013, February 10-13 in New York City.


  1. So, another mess up? Nothing New?

  2. Hey man, thanks for the comment. Yep, sadly another rumour bites the dust.

  3. With retrospect, it was probably the rapidstrike translated badly - you can clearly see that the firestrike is already listed.