Thursday, 3 January 2013

New 2013 Elite Alpha Trooper...?

Hey guys!

Well the rumors keep on coming!

Just over an hour ago this picture poppd up on the Chinese website Baidu:

(Original Alpha Trooper cs-18)
Well, it looks like an Elite 2013 Alpha Trooper. Whilst this is a First blaster for many of us, there are a few things that immediately hit me as being "suspect".
The stock clip section is Orange. Not only not the Nerf Blazing Orange, but it seems to be a darker shade. Is this because of poor lighting? Or just a plain oversight from the Painter ;)
The second thing is that it sports the 'N-Strike' logo. This does not appear on any Elite blasters - the exception perhaps being the Reflex IX-1 and the Jolt EX-1 also. So now i'm where you stand - not sure!
In this pic it should be noted that the blaster the girl has is what looks like a modded (or ugly paint job!) Alpha Trooper with a cs-35 drum.
Checking other sources, according to the folks at Urban Taggers, there seems to be more to this... that makes you believe its real!
Zooming in on the picture you can see it says cs-12 not cs-18 which is what the original Aplha Trooper was.
Our friend over at sgNerf posted these internals (the back blaster is a Rampage). You can see the internals are already different. They are unlike any Alpha Trooper cs-18 we know of today. thats for sure.
 (Also notice the detachable stock?)
The mystery continues.... what do you guys think?
Time for dreaming os over folks - IT'S REAL
Credits to Urban Taggers!

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