Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nerf War - SEQ Backyard of Blood; Blob

Oh my god, I LOVED this video, it's hilarious folks, check it out!

I love the ruleset, it lets the game run so smooth, and no one complains. Please Subscribe to these guys , we can definitely expect more awesome Nerf Wars. There is something about this War that sets it apart in its own category of awesome.

"Footage from the Backyard of Blood event held by TNT's (Tweed Nerf Troupe) Northern Brethren; SEQ.

Blob involves three teams of equal numbers spawning in three corners of a field. Each team has an established region of play which is cordoned off from the surrounding teams. Players may not leave their team's region. If a player is killed that player then changes team to the side of the player that killed them. The game continues on until all players are on one side or a time limit has expired."

"Oh my god they killed Kenny?!"

What did you guys think of the rules? Who wants a "Is Kenny Alive??!" Tshirt?


  1. Sounds like fun! Might run give it a try at my next war. I like the continuous play, no respawns.

  2. Sadly that might well be the last time a war is held at that house :( The six wars we did run were quite awesome while they lasted.

  3. Wow, glad you guys enjoyed it, thanks for the plug!
    More events looming on the horizon so stay tuned for more footage :)