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Justin Bieber Investigated for Assault with a Nerf blaster?!

If anyone remembers I originally Tweeted Justin back in December 2012 about what he does to wind down with friends when he has the chance. He said he loves to chill with Nerf when he can.

So then this happens...

Justin Bieber is being investigated on serious gun control charges -- Nerf gun control!

Here's what apparently happened - Justin was in Ottawa, Canada in November when a female employee of the venue where he was performing filed a police report, claiming Bieber - or someone who was Biebs - assaulted her.

The woman told Canadian cops (aka Mounties) she was hit by something a projectile.

It would appear that this was indeed a kid-safe projectile from a Nerf gun. Sources close to the alledged incident advised Justin was Nerf play fighting with his 3-year-old brother and 4-year-old sister and apparently one of the darts hit the woman when she got caught in the innocent foam cross fire. Honestly speaking, who isn't guilty of playing with their little brother and sisters when Mum, Dad or someone else has got caught up in the fun?

We're told the woman completely flipped out and told Bieber's people she was a security guard for the venue and was majorly hacked off. She filed a police report and the cops are actually taking it seriously - they've already interviewed some people at the venue.

Getting hit by a Nerf projectile is definitely annoying, but criminal? Be serious, Mounties.         

What instantly hit me, is that some people will do anything to make a quick buck.  I know when you get hit by a dart for the first time it is bit of a shock, and she should have removed the blaster from him with a slap on the wrist. Right? Kids are kids, and he was simply being a fun loving older brother for his little siblings.

Now Hasbro always tells us to play safely when using Nerf. They have provided us with Dart Tag eye protection that is just as good for regular Nerf battles.
You can pick these up from most retailers around where you live, but the moral of the story is: Have fun, keep it safe, use protection.

If this is true, he does need to take some responsibility because in some eyes they will see it is slightly wreckless that he was playing Nerf around with young kids.

My nephew is 7 years old, and we play a battle or two whenever I come to visit my older sister. My niece is only 2, and she adores her older brother, and is always playing with his toys and tries to get involved when we are running around playing Nerf. She picks up his Jolt, which is too hard for her to prime let alone understand she needs to chamber a dart :) But we always take it away, and sit her down with another adult.

Seriously he's just a kid (tween or whatever) and they make mistakes.  A slap on the wrist is enough, if anything set him as an advocate for eye protection or something as a "punishment".

As a bajillionaire popstar he should know better, yes, but please don't forget he was simply being an older brother and at the end of the day he is a kid playing with his siblings. I ask again who else is *not*  guilty of this? The common pearl of wisdom "to not throw stones at glass houses" comes to mind here.

Lets not forget all the positive work Justin does with the stardom he has quickly attained - here is some of that good work -

I spoke to Justins PR team, who were good enough to take the time out and provide me some more information I wanted from them:
  • He took part in recording “We Are The World 25” in 2010.
  • Some of the proceeds from his 2011 Christmas album are going to charity.
  • On Valentine’s Day, 2011, Justin surprised six-year-old fan and brain cancer sufferer Avalanna Routh by flying her to New York, where he spent the afternoon playing board games and eating cupcakes with her.
And then lets not forget the other good charity causes Justin supports:

Sometimes people chose to forget the facts infront of us, and will simply write what they can to sell a few more magazines/papers or worse get their own slice of jaded fame and money.

Have we really come to this? It's definitely a sad day, and not the last we will see i'm sure.

What are your thoughts guys?

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