Monday, 14 January 2013

Hasbro stock - a playful option

This is a little different from the norm of Nerf :)

I touched on this at Xmas, about Hasbro stock is worth taking on into your portfolio.

So it's funny that an associate writer friend from my professional LinkedIn Eric Savitz of Forbes Tech Trade sent me an article he came upon Hasbro's 3.9% Dividend Yield: Why It Looks Better Before You Unwrap It.

I accept no responsibilty for how, why and what you trade for, I am simply highlighting
 this news.

If you are a gadget and tech junkie, I strongly suggest following Eric, he has a healthy following of industry heads and business figures. He writes as it is, and is not bias in any view. That's one of the qualities any respectable journalist worth their salt can have - and he's weighted in gold :)

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