Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy 1 month Nerfversary MyLastDart!!

It was 1 month today that I started sharing a world with other brilliant Nerf fans :)

I'm not sure what to say, or where to start, but as Boromir from LoTR would say...

....I don't know how or why this is relevant, I thought it's funny.  
But as Boromir says, let's not wait for Batman to finish this post, he's got more important things to do like save Gotham Gangam Style.

December 9th, 2012.

OK, this is the date when I made my very first post. The journey has been a lot of fun for me, and i've got a lot out of it so far, and hope you all have too.

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for reading, commenting, following me and telling me you like an article I did, saying thank you for covering a subject no one else has.

I mentioned I have got a lot out of starting my blog. But what exactly? I have been fortunte to meet lovely fans of Nerf, become part of great communities and share thoughts, ideas with other Nerf fans about blasters we all love - or hate!. I have made new friends, and have been lucky to be sponsored by Hasbro UK.

When you see people who sit in a similar chair as me take the time to honestly give their feedback, it is way more rewarding personally. I kind of get the feeling when you eat a Jellybaby.

It's that kinda yum'ness :)

(mmmmh Android...)

I've only been doing this a month as I said, and the articles and stories I cover I enjoy writing and sharing with others who love the hobby. Some of them are sensitive, some of the articles I write giving my opinion on "toy guns make bad people" I have been told not to write them, it's commercial suicide because I have a sponsor. That sponsor being Hasbro themselves.

I think if I avoid these topics, i'm a) not being true to myself, my beliefs b) not doing a good job of telling fans what's going on in their hobby - the positive and negative. What's the point of having this blog if I don't share my own thoughts, get people talking about topics close to our hearts. We all love Nerf, and it's a common ground that does not hate or judge anyone.

A great example of this is you Modders.

I hang out quite a lot in these Mod chatrooms:

This is a dangerous ground, not because of the mad scientist magic that they do, but you would expect someone coming up with a crazy idea of modding a Hail-Fire to the bottom of a Jolt is just wrong. Like eating yellow snow. You would expect nasty or rude comments. Another comparison is online computer games. If you came up with a crazy idea or character build, you would be joked out of the discussion.

But no.

Not here.

Why not?

These guys might say it's insane, but they would sit and think about how they would go about taking this project on. They would help out the person on their project.

These guys have so much knowledge and experience blowing things up (okok making and modding blasters new or homemade), they actually give you help and advice on how you can try and pull it off.

They discuss OMW (Orange Mod Work) kits, and general projects they are working on. They throw ideas around with each other, and think up new approaches to the works they have on the table. That's something you want to be part of. That's something these guys make very easy for you to be part of. Just love Nerf.

Another example is closer to home for me - Brit Nerf Forum. I spend a lot of time here also, throwing ideas about, and sharing my articles. I love the comments and debates the members have there. They make you feel so welcome its nice.

Going across the pond to Malaysia is a fantastic group - NERF Community Malaysia.

This group is is more like a family than than a fan group. These guys take care of each other, respect and look out for each other. They play Nerf wars, trade modded gear, and help each other like all the ones I mentioned above. They have resident Mod Doctors, and their knowledge is fantastic. They are all lovely kind people who just love Nerf :)

A big thank you to you all for all the support and feedback you have shown me. You all rock :)

We all want to belong or be part of something, Being a Nerf fan seems to be a universal ticket to that.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Only 1 month eh? Congratulations! Keep the blogs coming, im reading all the way in the Hawaiian Islands.


  2. n Paw - that's great you like the blog! Made me happy to read that :) Check out our page and share with your Nerf friends!