Thursday, 10 January 2013

Grovetown man fined $291 firing BBgun

Credit: JIM BLAYLOCK/STAFF Augusta Chronicle

An interesting piece I found about a 19 year old man in Grovetown, USA fined $291 for firing his BBgun in his backyard.

That doesn't sound too bad? If bad at all? Right?

Well, his backyard actually backs onto the local Columbia County Alternative School campus.

The chap moved back to his old hometown with his wife and newborn 6months old child. He is going to fight the charge, saying:

“This BB gun will not hurt you,” he said. “It won’t even break a window."
“You probably couldn’t even put a dent in a brand-new tub of butter with it.”

It's not really clear from the article what he was using, however BBguns vary in power depending on the mods or accessories added. He (as many others I guess) was caught unaware that discharging a firearm within the city limits extends to BBguns - despite being powered by compressed air.

It's interesting also the fact that Grovetown police told him that any spring-loaded, black powder or compressed-air gun, including a paintball gun and even a NERF blaster, was considered a firearm.

A teacher called Grovetown police and reported seeing a man shooting a rifle near the school. The school went into a precautionary lockdown.

I can't say he didn't deserve this, because a) being a father now, he should think responsibly b) he lives next to a school - its going to freak people out if they see him c) go to a commissioned shooting range or forest.

He man will appeal against this fine 22nd January 2013.

After the fact we just had terrible shootings in Sandy Hook, Newtown, USA. I don't think they will let him off.

What do you think?