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Elite Stampede & Vulcan 2013 surprise?

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I have stumbled upon an awesome post that seems to ring true regarding a conversation I had myself with Hasbro regarding... well you check the picture below:

Seems like what I was told has some substance to it about seeing an Elite Stampede...!

It would appear that this has been an ongoing saga since its release since 2010. Some nerfers even had the "Stampede ECS-50" printed on the side of the blaster - which had many people puzzled since there was only ever came with 3xCS-18 clips.

'ECS' or 'CS' means (Electronic) Clip System, and the number after means the dart capacity. For example, the Rayven CS-18 comes with an 18 Clip System magazine with darts. For the Stampede this 50 would mean that it comes with a 50 dart system. But it didnt....

Here are some detailed sketchings of the proposed CS-50:
If you take a close look at 'FIG. 7' it shows what looks like a twin cam firing system. Meaning each dart either comes 1 from each drum as it fires, or completes a whole drum first before moving onto the second one. I suspect its going to be 1 drum at a time, because of potential jam issues.

The other issue is, a cs-35 drum is PRETTY heavy itself when its fully loaded up, maybe they haven't continued with the cs50 because of this. It would make the Stampede firstly too heavy, and perhaps there are problems with crossing it over to the other Elite range?

What else can we learn from the Patent? Well take a look below:

Patent number: D664605
Filing date: Feb 4, 2010
Issue date: Jul 31, 2012
Application number: 29/355,199
(Source: Patent number: D664605)

You can see that Hasbro originally filed for the patent back in February 4th, 2010, however they were not Issued the "Go-Ahead" July 31st, 2012. This Issue date is they have been granted a Design Protection patent to stop someone from creating this cs-50 drum. What we really need to see is a Innovation Patent. This means they want to start making this "right now!". We still have a chance to see this perhaps... it is their 44th anniversary in 2013.

The patent is filed to run for 14 years, I think they discovered the weight of the 8 wheel/dual-drum was too much. But with new materials, and the new fly-wheels or internals this might be on the cards for them again? I was told to keep eyes peeled for new 2013 blasters. As it is their 44th year anniversary, that would most definitely be a biggie right?

The main issue with the Stampede was the cost is silly and out of reach of most Nerfers. This would be a chance to readdress this in my opinion. The Hail-Fire is a lovely heavy weapons blaster, but it does lack a certain "Ooompf!".  I mentioned the Patent runs for another 14 years, this might be to protect themselves from spin-offs or anyone else looking to do something.

I wonder if any of our in-house modders could ever take a dual cs-50 drum on as a project?

When I spoke to Hasbro about the Stampede and Vulcan making a debut on the Elite range, they told me that their R&D Department (Research&Development), was working on crossing the N-Strike range over to their Elite brand, so keep my eyes peeled!

SO!  can we make the assumption we will be seeing an Elite Vulcan in the works also? :o

Credits to Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag (Nerf Wars, HvZ) and the chaps over at Urban Taggers.


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