Saturday, 19 January 2013

Elite Alpha Trooper UK confirmed 1st March 2013

I spoke to, and a couple of weeks ago regarding the new range of Nerf blasters (and to confirm the release dates of the Elite Triad, Elite Rayven and Elite Pinpoint - no sign of these in the UK yet...)

Originally this popped up a couple of weeks ago from a leaked source.

The retailers  above told me to stay tuned to their new catalogue launches and Argos's Saturday launch - true enough, a fan sent pictures of the catalogue early this morning to UK Nerf blog.

I also spoke to and, who told me to stay tuned to their catalogues and online sites. So i'm positive we can expect some awesome new range blasters to hit the web shortly. lists new Elite Alpha Trooper in new catalogue launch lists a new Dart Tag Stinger blaster in new catalogue launch

This is very much inline with plans for official Nerf Stores under the banner of 'Quest'. Their plans for store tournaments, Store vs Store and National tournaments is looking to take a step in the right direction.

The Elite Alpha Trooper is set to come with a cs-12 dart magazine.

This is very much a loved old blaster, many started off with it as a first, so it's great to see some Elite love. What this means for internals? I hope it means new smart internal mechanisms rather than a dreaded rehash.

Whos excited for this ?


  1. That Dart Tag Stinger just looks like a off-brand blaster, just because it looks ugly. I feel suspicious because its blue, Dart Tag Elite?

    1. It would make sense to see some Elite Dart Tag... they got to shift things up if theyre going to do Dart Tag seriously now.

  2. Looks like a cross of Sharp Shot and Jolt:

  3. I'm hoping that Target ignores the release dates as they often do for this-I need something that rivals my Massacre AT that I don't have to worry about letting others use.