Thursday, 24 January 2013

Coverage of the Hasbro Nerf Toy Fair London 2013 stand Part III

Ok, as promised I said I would list the top Questions I asked the Design team, please understand these questions were the most popular I could put to Hasbro with the prep time available from communities.

I think it would have been extremely selfish and a waste of time if I had just asked a few things that I wanted to know and walked on out. To me, this was an opportunity for all fans to ask what they wanted. This is your hobby too, so I hope I succeeded in asking what I was able to.

I am still under the NDA embargo, so understand I can't say anything on certain topics until 9th Feb, this content is approved:

Q: What is the fate of Dart Tag and N-Force?
A: Dart Tag will be pushed in every territory to encourage tournaments. No comment on N-Force.

Q: Will the Dart Tag Snapfire 8 and N-Strike Elite Stockade be released in the US sometime in the
near future or are they overseas releases only?
A: They will come eventually to all territories, stay up to date with your local retailers.

Q: Will there be any new upcoming Dart Tag or N-Force products for 2013 or 2014?
A: Apart from the Dart Tag Stinger box sets no. No comment on N-Force.

Q: Follow up question, If Dart Tag and N-Force are still supported; are there any plans to
introduce a more advanced series based off these series? "Dart Tag Elite or N-Force Elite"
A: There is no plans for Dart Tag range to expand (The Stinger set is a glorified Jolt with an Elite paint job), Hasbro are happy with the range, and feel they still have untapped utility. No comment on N-Force.

Q: Third follow up question, Will there be an advanced series of Vortex, will it be given a similar
treatment to N-Strike? "Vortex Elite" possibilities?
A: No comment.

Q: Will any N-Strike blasters that are NOT transitioned to the N-Strike Elite series still be
available for retail sale with the N-Strike Elite series or is the entire series being discontinued
in favor of N-Strike Elite with blasters that are not transitioned over discontinued?
A: The N-Strike range will be discontinued, in favour for N-Strike Elite - some territories are already in that phase, some are no where near it.

Q: Will there be any more sub-series released in the near future?
A: No comment.

Q: Can Nerf tell us what the best 2012 blaster was?
A: The Hail-Fire was the best selling blaster of 2012. They were particularly happy with it, because of the massive feedback from fans saying "Thank You!" for giving them what they wanted.

Q: Will the Dart Tag World Championship league be held again or is it completely over?
follow up question: If the Dart Tag World Chapionships are over, will something similar be created
in the near future?
A: In the UK, fans can expect some very exciting things. Dart Tag is going to be pushed in a big way, especially since Paragon Ent. have secured a license for official Nerf stores. These in a nutshell will have arenas for Leagues, Store vs Store and plan National tournaments. Maybe even TV sport coverage. That is up to fans if they like Dart Tag enough. These will not be limited to tweens, but Kidults too (wohoo).

Q: Will the new 2012 products be headed to Countries outside the US anytime soon such as the UK and Canada?
A: Some products are unique to certain stores, but we should expect a majority of them to be available at some point.

Q: Is it possible for Hasbro to create a list or create some form of announcement for discontinued
A: N-Strike range will be discontinued, if it's yellow expect it's end of the line.

Q: Is the rumored "Incenerator" another name for the Firestrike or is it a completely new blaster?
A: This is indeed lost in translation, as is the "Counterstrike".

Q: Will there be a new version of the belt fed Havok (Vulcan) using elite darts
A: No comment

Q: What's this year's secret blaster like is it vortex or elite? or a brand new line
A: Hasbro confirm there will be 3 new N-Strike blasters. Their new ranges exceed 75 feet. RIP Elite range.

Q: For future NERF products, will Hasbro plan to work closely with their product users and in some way collaborate with NERF enthusiasts on the design and production of NERF blasters that cater (in general) to their end user's needs?
A: The mod community, short-movie makers, Stock players have given plenty of feedback, and raised some interesting options for N-Strike blasters. Basically fans continue to show innovation and what they expect from Nerf and they change what is to be created. This is why there is a 2 year plan in place. Hasbro R&D keep a watchful eye on all communities, so guys keep it up.

Q: Does Nerf take anything from HvZ communities?
A: Hasbro actually do take feedback from the HvZ players and communities, because it is one of the larger offspin parts of the Nerf hobby. The feedback they see on community pages helps angle product development with HvZ in mind.

Q: What does Nerf say about OMW? Or NerfTech?
A: They basically don't approve of any mod that makes their blasters unsafe. They work to strict Toy Safety Regulations and certain mods undo that safety. Innovations like NerfTech are funky but do not impact on their own accessory plans.

Q: Will you make a Elite Alpha Trooper and can you send Strongarm to Malaysia?
A: This is confirmed to be real, have it as an exclusive blaster. They will ship it to their sister companies in the US. No confirmation for Asia and other territories. Strongarm is expected to be available - see your local retailer.

Q: Question for Hasbro: Will there be a Elite Longshot or Longstrike successor coming out soon?
A: Nerf confirmed last year at the NYC Elite Launch party that they will *never* make an Elite Longshot. This still stands. Elite Longstrike? Did Rambo ever need one?

Q: Nitefinder has Firestrike as a direct successor or is this still going to be Elite'd?
A: Firestrike is the successor.

Q: Moar plunger systems, less flywheels. That's what Elite needs now. Oh wait, make that electronic plunger systems.
A: No comment.

Q: Could you ask if Nerf gonna make a Dart tag armour instead of a t-shirt XD
A: This is not likely to happen, but never say never. It depends on how the Dart Tag push is received.

Q: Is Hasbro going to release a new line, or just a new blaster for the 9-9-13 big release?
A: 3 top secret never before seen N-Strike blasters are coming. They exceed 75 feet ranges. qq more Elite.

(No  Comment = I am legally bound not to comment on this until 9th Feb 2013)

Part I can be found here


  1. "Hasbro confirm there will be 3 new N-STRIKE blasters. Their new ranges exceed 75 feet. RIP Elite range."

    Wait, Don't you mean ELITE? You just mentioned N Strike was discontinued. :/

    1. I confirm it is N-Strike. I can't say anymore.

    2. but you said N-Strike was being discontinued?!
      Perhaps you mean to say it is a new LINE of blasters being released!


  3. I love how half of the 'no comment' questions are answered just by forcing you not to comment. Got to hope Hasbro's not too aggressive about pursuing that NDA, right? :P

    1. This is the wording they told me to use.

  4. you are going to tell us the answers to all the "no comment" questions, right? :)

  5. You say the ranges exceed 75 feet, with our ranges already reduced in Australia are we going or see no difference.
    Anyway excited to the max not sure if I should buy a Rampage now any ideas?
    Great article a bit jealous actually