Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Coverage of the Hasbro Nerf Toy Fair London 2013 stand - part II

Ok here's part II guys, here are pictures I was signed off to release on N-Strike Nerf accessories, I will give a commentary from what I was told - please note these are *not* the top secret accessories I was able to play with:

Waiting to be reboxed for UK launch, 2013 Super Spy camera/video glasses - suped up version.
These work super great. Really good definition recording and camera shots. (Its no Canon EOS 500D but still amazing)

Action Kit - Sound Amplifier from distance, Jolt, Movement Detector with alarm
Sound Amplifier sold separately to spy on areas from a distance.
Smart if you can sneak it into enemy fort ;)
Motion Detector with alarm, this is good for covering indoor battle exits or vunerable positions
Pair of Walkie-Talkie-Wrist Communicator - good fun, with a super long range
This ambi-dex glove has a light source, glove darts, compass, red sight.
I can see this being used a lot in battles and HvZ. Frees up *Tactical Rails* <wink>
Amazing long-range 2 channel headset walkie-talkie - brilliant and super geeky with an awesome range.
Disk Shooter - hone those shooting skills with a Disk-firing Machine (tennis trainer).
This is really good with varying  speeds.
Comes with a Jolt
Jolt blaster with x3 Streamlines, Disk Shooter-box, 3 target disks (can buy more)
Jolt blaster with 3 Whistler darts
Disk Shooter
3 discs included
Side profile of box
Random Lego CHIMA bad faction dude
Me and huge badass CHIMA faction bad boss dude made of LEGO
3D CHIMA box art made from LEGO
3D CHIMA box art made from LEGO
Me and goodguy CHIMA faction boss
Me and goodguy faction CHIMA boss
Hope you enjoyed the pics, any questions please do ask me. Anything you will be picking up guys?

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  1. Ill be getting the spy glasses. maybe the action kit and the disk shooter depending the price

    1. The main goal of these accessories is to make it accessible price wise. They range around £19.99 to £34.99. This is subject to change (for better)

      The Spy Glasses are brilliant, let you take camera shots on the run :)

    2. Will you be posting any products made by Hasbro for 2013? All of these accessories are made by Ingo Devices under a license to use the Nerf brand...

    3. I will be once the embargo ends. The products I had the chance to play with actually work well, and the Nerf guys there loved them. They said they had input on these products, and had taken feedback from fans.

    4. Cool! You also mentioned that the Nerf developers were keeping an eye on the modding community. Did they say anything about all the companies that have started making parts like magazines, accessories, and internals for Nerf blasters?

  2. I've seen that disc shooter under a different brand (and different colors) before. There's one sitting at a thrift store near my house, but I haven't bought it because it is missing the discs.

  3. But why they are in old nerf yellow colors... Will there be elite blue versions also?

    From my point it is a bit strange to make accessories for old blasters...

    1. I think the issue is, that these were created long before the decision. Also a lot of territories are treating the 2010 stuff like its hot exclusive 2020 range. US, UK, and the like are pretty much Elite stockists so they will start the process long before others.

  4. Do you know if these will be sold in the U.S or if I need to pick these up when I'm in England?

    1. Hi Ben, these will hit UK retailers in July/August. No news on other territories. Sorry

  5. Will there be some new tactical rail accessories also? Like flash lights, sights, grips and so on for the Nerf Elite line?

    And will it be possible to purchase existing elite accessories without the need to by a blaster?

    Does Nerf plan to sell Elite Pinpoint sight in UK?

  6. Sorry to post this so late but I just found it today, first off great blog man keep up the good work. I'm glad to see SOMEONE covering the 2nd party Nerf gear I just hope its better than the sakar crap that was released last year, it was a major dissapointment to open our items on x-mas morning to find out how sub par they are and still carry the Nerf logo. Please provide reviews of these items when your NDA is over as I am VERY interested in the sleeve.

  7. I love all the Spy Gear. The spy glasses look cool but I'm more excited about the Spy Sleeve. I hope that Nerf plans to release this in other territories.

  8. I came across your blog inadvertently, but I bookmarked and will have it forwarded to my grand-son. Exactly the kind of posts he likes ! Thanks ...