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Hi guys!

We all love our Nerf, and whilst most of us are happy with Stock blasters, some fans want to customise theirs. This might involve spring replacement, a simple trigger hammer lock removal, to voltage  increase and bolt-sled upgrades.

I found this awesome website, for a company called (translated using Bing Website Translator). Please watch the video below.


Did you scream loudly at the level of awesome?

Now, do I have your attention for some more awesomeness? Read on fans. - Nerf and dartblaster mod company

Looking thru their site, I noticed that they provide some brilliant mod kits, and accessories for a decent price.

So! Not wanting to let this pass, I got in touch with them, to see what is install for 2013 and more with an interview with

MyLastDart: Great to meet you guys! Please can you introduce yourselves and tell us about what is all about? Thanks for the possibility to introduce us and the great praise! Blasterparts is a supplier for dartblaster and modifying equipment. In particular we supply dartblaster and accessories, stronger modification-springs for most common NERF-blaster, complete modification-sets for selected blasters and some other fancy stuff for fans of NERF&Co.

MLD: how long have you guys been Nerfing? It all started in 2009 when I brought a Longstrike from a trip to the US as a gift for my partner. I bought myself a Raider and within two month we had about 20 different types of dartblasters.

 MLD: What is your favorite blaster to date? I guess it's still the Stampede. I like full-auto blasters. The Vulcan is nice as well but the mechanics inside is terrible. Timo works his magic in the workshop
 MLD: How long have you been modding and do you remember you first boltsled/AR mod? Maybe it was a first voltage mod? did it work ok or did it blow up? lol :) Well, I am an engineer for mechatronics, so most of my mods worked pretty good. First thing I did was to replace the spring of my Raider by a stronger one. That time there were no elite-blaster, so the increase in range felt enormous. This is actually how it all began.

MLD: If fans have difficulty with the kits, what do they do? We have our own support area at, which is the biggest community in Germany for dartblaster-fans. So if people have problems we ask them to register there and post their questions.

MLD: How long have you been trading? and why did you start We started with Blasterparts in the middle of 2011. So we are on the market since 1.5 years.

MLD: A lot of fans will want to know where you ship? Is it just Germany? or Worldwide? We just added all EU-countries, Norway and Switzerland to the countries we are shipping to. Becoming more international is one of our aims for this year.  But there is still a lot of work to do before. Pulse counter comes in Blue and Red

MLD: When can fans expect the site to be in English or any other languages? Hopefully we will have set-up the site on English by middle of this year.
Till then people have to work with google-translator or other compareable tools.
Sorry for that ;-)

MLD:You have an impressive range of products and you provide a perfect 1stop shop solution for all Nerf modders - can modders expect any other new products and services soon? Of course we are working on modification-springs and -sets for the new elite-blasters. Especially for the Retaliator and the Rampage we had a good idea how to improve reliability. So there will be modification-set comming soon.  We have lot of other projects and plans, e.g. darts, mags, holsters, etc...
Let's see what happens next. 
cs-12 & cs-6 clip pouch by
Vortex clip pouch made by
Desert Camo Vortex clip pouch by
cs-6 pouch belt pouch by

MLD: When can fans expect mod guides? Like all of our other projects this is a matter of time. There are already some videos in the net e.g. how to build in our modification-set for the Recon or how to replace the spring of the Maverick by our stronger spring. But these vids have been done by fans or friends. The bigger we are growing the more we are kept busy by daily business and the less we can care about the stuff we actually like to do. But yes, videos for our products is one point on the list ;-)
MLD: What is the best way for fans to stay up to date with news? Well, visit our Facebook-site Blasterparts and give us a 'Like'. We will promote most important news there.

MLD: Timo, I love this site, and I know my readers will too. Is there anything special you can do for them when they place an order with you? Of course. I just set-up a discount-code in our online-shop. As I haven't done this before I hope it's gonna work. Use I5QW-4KZL-5UDP when checking out. This should give your readers a discount of 5€ on the shopping-cart.
Commissioned Stampede with Pulse counter
Compact case-mod of stampede with 4 Trustfire LiPos - Power Puff Girls commission

Guys, i'm super excited for this store, they have SO much coming in 2013, and I know you will want to get ordering some hot-kit :)

How many of you will want that Pulse counter??

How to redeem your discount code:


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