Saturday, 5 January 2013

REVIEW: 2013 Elite Rough Cut 2x4


I've got my hands on the Elite Rough Cut 2x4!! and is it awesome? Hell yeah!

First impression is that it's profile is real slender and sleek looking. Almost like an older cousin of the Stryfe. It has two sling-hooks placed at the rear of the blaster. This is well thought out and practical. It just looks intimidating, and trust me, being on the end of it hurts! hah. Doing good so far Hasbro.

It comes with one tactical rail on the top (no need for a side rail at all). This is most likely to be suited to a light source atachment for night battles, or Barrel Break IX-2 dart holder, or at most a pinpoint. I say that with a little "hrmmm.." because using a pinpoint is like a scope - there is very little reason to use this as a precision blaster.

Here are some profile shots I took:


As a blaster, it handles really well. Its balanced well, and you feel like you get your moneys worth. Its meaty look has many preferring to call it the "Choppa".

The chamber mechanism as well as the internals are really complex and super-smart. We really have never seen anything like this before - in any blaster to date. I will speak about this later in some testing I did to help make things clearer for you.

The dart chamber is something that gets you as soon as you look once...
you need to look again, and again - but closer each time!
As you can see, the dart chamber looks like any other, but there are 3 teeth or AR prongs that detect if there is a dart chambered or not. You might think this is seeing something in nothing, but you will understand later! Its pretty mindblowing what they have done with the internals. 
Here we see the Rough Cut 2x4 in its glory. All 8 barrels fully loaded. I have noticed - as i've read in other reviews, that the darts seem to warp? or end up banana shaped? some of my darts seem to get a little chewed up at the bottom? I'm not sure if this is because i'm applying too much pressure to chamber the dart (pretty sure it is not this!), but when you insert one dart in the left side, and go to insert the second in the opposite chamber, there is a resistence. The AR seal is great on this blaster, really tight. Maybe TOO tight...
So, FIRING. The Rough Cut comes with a 3-fire mechanism. Yep 3.
The first-fire mechanism is a single dart, in pulling the trigger halfway, then you can fire a second separately. Thats cool.
The second-fire mechanism is to fire BOTH darts together at once, fully pulling the trigger. Getting better!
The third-fire mechanism is to prime, hold the trigger, which fires 2 darts, keep the trigger held, and then use the slam-fire pump action to empty the last 6 darts in twin succession in 5 seconds flat. A.W.E.S.O.M.E >>>>
In terms of being a secondary blaster, thi is a must have if you lack a Stryfe, Strongarm, etc. it gives you control over any situation. You can place shots, or dump  hail of darts when you need to flush a tight area in a battle, or save yourself in a hvZ game.
 Ok. Time for some science (lol). I did some testing in my video review (below) and I found some interesting things in the firing sequence when the darts were placed in odd chambers. If you pull the trigger halfway, it fires the top dart only. If you pull the trigger all the way, it fires the top two darts. The same again with the last two darts.
The same applies to this layout of the darts. If pulled half way, the top dart fires, then the second. Then it fires the 3rd set of two darts. Finally the last dart. The internals detech which chambers are ready by the 3 AR prongs completing the AR seal.
Opening up the Rough Cut 2x is bit of a mission. You need to long nose phillips screwdriver (x-style), because some of the  screw holes are quite deep.
Begin with the slam-fire pump action handle first. I recommend keeping the screws in, because they are of different lengths.


Once that is off, carefully take the piece off, and put them aside safely.
Carefully take the blaster apart. There shouldn't be any flying ninja parts when you part the sides, but you never know!
The interesting thing about the internals, is that it is similar to the Barrel Break, but the mechanics are much smarter. Because there are not 2, but 8 barrels in the Rough Cut 2x4, it's obvious the developers have created some internal masterpiece-mastery here!
The Slam-Fire pump action primes the blaster, and the AR tubes fill up and detect which barrels to fire first because of the 3 prongs I pointed out earlier. The firing mechanism fires the Right barrel first, unless it is empty. If this is the case, it automatically knows that it needs to fire the first loaded Left barrel and continue from the next Right, Left, Right, Left+++ manner.
You can take the internal review further, and unscrew the actual barrel housing. But since this is my only Rough Cut, I will wait till I can get another and poke around a little more!
Its a very smart internal system, unlike any other we have seen! I'm excited to see what other 2013+ blasters hold for us!
Thanks to Ci he has shown us some awesome internal shots:
Credit: Ci Kaj Id S
After the maintenance, he is now able to chamber any Dart round without it falling out or getting jammed:
Credit: Ci Kaj Id S
To round up, here is a review video I did on the Rough Cut 2x4:


  1. Hey, did you try any mods on this thing? I placed 2 nitefinder springs in mine, sealed up the air release hole where the plunger heads stops (orange piece). I didnt take apart the ar section, I didnt want to mess that up. Its seems to be shooting better than stock.


    1. aloah this is Jordan from Maui. I noticed Lion paw is from Hawaii and I was wondering if you have any contacts of people playing nerf guns in hawaii. we have a college club nerf and it would be great to hear from other nerf players also! please add Nerf UHMC or UHMC Nerf club on face book or contact me if you can. mahalo. 808-344-2803

    2. What was the maintenance you did so that the darts don't fall out? Whenever I am loading the darts, I put one in and another pops out. Any help would be awesome! I've already taken it apart and taped over the air holes on the inside of the barrels.

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  3. Im getting this issue too any help would be appreciated