Saturday, 22 December 2012

Secret suprise from Hasbro Nerf UK!

Hey guys, just want to say firstly, THANK YOU for all your support, reading my Blog, watching my YouTube and following me on Fb and Twitter also! You guys totally rock!!  :)

Secondly, MAJOR "Thank You!" to Hasbro UK  for also liking what I do, and sending me suprise package to sponsor me! The video is below:

(I say "awesome!" a lot in this video.)
The Stockade comes with 10 standard elite darts, an awesome stock that holds an additional 10 darts (its super comfy too), and gives you access to a tactical rail also.
My first impression of the blaster itself is how small it was. It's a perfect sidearm blaster for battles, or even as a primary in hvZ games.
It is unfortunate that the barrel itself is not rifled, meaning that the range is somewhat limited compared to the barrels of say a Retaliator. Why is this a drawback? With rifled barrels it makes the darts fly farther in distance, and in a more controlled / accurate manner.
This is however made up by the fly-wheel mechanics. Why? Because the gears are smaller, more compact, they spin faster, giving us a higher rate of fire. This is not only perfect for those close range battles but also giving suppression fire in battles. If you need to run from point A to point B - perfect to keep enemies away or pinned.
The range I would say is comfortably around 50ft, arc'ed you are looking at 70 easy. It packs a punch thats for sure. If you can't get your hands on the new Elite Stryfe, or Strongarm, this is a definite good buy.
The stock is what makes this blaster amazing and well worth half the value alone! Its ability to carry an additional 10 darts - with the utility of pulling them out and loading the barrels quickly makes it an awesome blaster. For those that play a lot of battles or even hvZ, will know how important that is, and how much of a game changer it can be.
All in all, a great blaster, and well worth finding its way into your collection!

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