Saturday, 29 December 2012

REVIEW: 2013 Nerf Elite Stryfe

Hey guys! Been ABSOLUTELY dying to post this review!! Its the new 2013 Elite Stryfe blaster.

I can totally say its freaking awesome! Its got SO much versatility - from being long range support, to up close quarter battles. Its accepts so many of the N-Strike and Elite accessory range it becomes what you need it to be, for whatever situation you are in!

I have a rather limited supply of accessories, but these are just some of the pieces that fit perfectly and allow massive customisation. A Retaliator stock, a Stockade stock, a Retaliator and Longstrike barrel, Retaliator tactical grip, Longstrike scope, a CS-6; CS-25 and CS-12 magazine.

There is a much needed mod included in my video, and WHY it needs to be done to make it battle/play-friendly. A lot of people on YT are just pulling it straight out and telling you "Just do it!" and thats it. Ok...? Well. Not good enough in my opinion!

(This internal mechanic part I have codenamed "Captain fun-breaker".)

This said, you HAVE to do this mod otherwise its not worth playing with at all. It constantly jams thinking it has no darts in the feed, or thinks it has a jam when there is no issue at all.

The blaster allows you so much control over your loadout for a battle or hvZ fights. If you lack a certain blaster in one part of your arsenal, then you can adapt the Stryfe to make up for that area.

Brilliant blaster, it is a MUST have in everyone Nerfers cache. Get it!

ps. Here is the link to a friend Coop772s, he is an awesome guy for mods and reviews:


  1. Thanks for linking me to a 12 minute video showing me how to remove LOCKS.

    Find a better modder.

    1. Hey SK21, cheers for the heads up I have relinked to Coop772 :) I hadn't noticed he had uploaded his mod video. What a ninja.

  2. hey asif, i just bought this blaster yesterday. was wondering if accuracy is an issue with this blaster? mine had problems with inconsistency as darts flew in all directions even at short range whilst pointing in the same direction.