Saturday, 29 December 2012

REVIEW: 2012 Elite Hail-Fire

Got this for Xmas, ABSOLUTELY love it!!!

It's an awesome support/supression fire blaster.

Whilst it can carry a massive 144 darts, is best suited to hold 48 darts via 8x6 Clip System magazines.

The main reason being, weight. It's very heavy with 12 or 18 clip magazine. Throw a CS-X drum on there, and it gets even worse weight wise, and accuracy does get affected.

Sadly, the blaster comes with only 4 CS-6 magazines. I would happily of paid the extra bit to have a full 48 dart load-out. No questions asked.

(It looks sad, doesn't it?)

Hasbro did bring out the Hail-Fire Mission Kit, that completes the loud-out with the last 4 CS-6 magazines complete with 24 darts.

Once they are popped in, we are ready for battle!!

(It looks like a happy Hail-Fire now doesn't it?!)
The Hail-Fire (UK/EU?) comes with a clear jam window plastic window slide, because from what i've seen, the US and Asian blaster comes with the trade mark Blazing Nerf Orange,

It just looks awesome :) and when you arc-fire the blaster for more range and rain a hail of fire (every pun intended!) on the enemy, it looks awesome to look at the darts fly right down the barrel :)

This blaster is ideally suited to you Heavy Weapons specialists, and support players. The motor is a very powerful one, and the fly-wheels definitely get a work out when you are in full swing gunning targets down.

If you are holed-in to a spot, this is a very good way to fight out, because the motor firing up is a definite alarm bells in the enemy ears to duck down! Even in Close Combat Quarter situations, this is perfect to lay suppressive fire.

 A definite buy for you Arnie/Rambo toting lovers out there :)

Hope you enjoy it, Subscibe and 'Like', thanks for watching!

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